Purge a thing a day ~in May

Motivated by a blog I read recently about simplifying life – she purged one thing every day for a year, I’m onto a new challenge. We seem to move annually on my birthday at the beginning of October & I’m shocked every year at how much we acquire. Buying, craigslist scores, hand me downs, thrifting etc… This year is no different. Whether we buy or rent we are moving off this sland (& moving over to the big island & 30 mins south), by October 1st!

About 4x a year, I get a big box out and label it “Sally Ann”. This month’s goal? I’m going to get rid of “a thing a day” and show you at the end of the month. I’m aiming for more than that.

Breaking news! I’m having Saturday morning coffee & blogging in bed with my love. He has agreed to join me & have his own box of 30! Whether we thrift it, Recycle, compost, give away… a thing a day (x2) is leaving.

Side confessional: there’s an annual children’s centre garage sale on this island that we attend every year. It’s May 5. I’ll behave, I swear. Mostly just hoping for record scores for my record a blog. Lol. And pottery. And art supplies. Oh go ON!

Also, I finished a book my sweety got me for Xmas:

20120428-113143.jpgIt’s full of inspiring artists & projects that are enviro friendly. Reducing, repurposing, upcycling, recycle. Great education about toxic products we are all guilty of using in our studios & recipes for healthier ones. Also of interest to me were the enviro community art projects.

If you don’t have a fabulous husband like mine who gets me great gifts.. here’s the link to ordering it for yourself: green guide for artists ~ to buy

What could you get rid of this month?
Make Something every day

Crushing on an old growth painting



This is the painting I was MOST thrilled to see at the Filberg Festival in Comox. See my blog posts in August 2010 ~with my new in-law womyn! This weekend, I had the pleasure of staying at The Old House Village & Oh Spa in Courtenay with Jackie & Aren (“taxi!”) for girls weekend. Thank-you womyn, love you. http://www.oldhousevillage.com/ohspa.htm
And guess what was in their Lobby!? It’s 3 inches deep of moss & paint & deserves better lighting than their set up but… WOW! I’d give an appendage to own this painting or have Monk’s skill. She too, has clearly been impacted by the fabulous Emily Carr. She is a huge fan of having community paint with her on large canvases & is a generous community supporter. http://www.artbymonk.com/

20111218-214352.jpg Make Something Every Day



With the arrival of fall and a mounting number of “count downs” in our lives

– days to Mexico wedding, days to Alberta reception, days to honeymoon,

days to lose weight for wedding dress, reception AND honeymoon….

lol, we decided to cancel our cable.

Yup, we’ve been a cable-free for over a week and it’s great. More savings for honeymoon in Europe, next fall! More time for OTHER. More time to Make Something Every Day. Pretty much anything I might have wanted to watch is online anyway and this PS3 thing streams movies / internet onto Corey’s massive TV, for FREE. Speaking of FREE, we thought we’d try out Netflicks. It’s free for a month and 7.99 after. Well, the commercials say “thousands of direct streamed movies” … yet in Canada we have discovered, it’s more like “hundreds”, few from after 2009 and most major hits are not on there. Not even old Harry Potters or Twilights. I guess it has to do with Canadian content laws. Bugger that.  It is pretty cool that it’s instantly available and in HD. What IS on there are some great foreign and Indy flicks. Including HI HOW ARE YOU? The awesome Daniel Johnston movie about the musician / artist who uses Art to manage and express his Manic Depression.

GREAT flick / love his outsider art.