It’s my job to marinate the Sockeye Salmon


And marinate I did. It’s a foggy day at Alder Bay (across from Alert Bay on Bc’s north Vancouver Island coast ~ also around the corner from Telegraph Cove ~ for those google mapping). My sweety went to do a scuba job in Port McNeill for the afternoon and I’m chillin by the fire, watching fishing boats come in. After my blueberry snack I’m heading out with my trusty slr camera. I’m bringing my biggest member because size counts when photographing eagles & the whales, that I’m most certain are waiting for me. Smerk* Other excitement today was the lady that ran from from site to site inviting us to the dock. “In 10 mins the Stanley Cup is being helicoptered over”. I’m guessing the winning team had a player from Port McNeil (name lost on this artist already…). Proud Canadians jumped and waved in the 2 secs it took to fly by. I was at least hoping it would be dangling below it? Non.

Back to our dinner. Actually bought this fish in CR the other day while visiting the fishing dock with my sweet dad. I just did the simple BC BBQ marinade: deboned her, split her open, fresh lemon squeezed and sliced, some chives, some fresh dill. Tin foiled her up, zip locked her to be “cooler safe” & laid her on a bed of ice til the chef gets home. I’m guessing hibachi bbq’d not campfire. What are you having for dinner?

PS. This blog was photographed & submitted entirely on my iPhone by the campfire. We can’t even get cel coverage at home! Yeah!
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the baby robin eggs ~ daily photography of the hatching process

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This was a very fun photo experiment. I held up my iphone every day to the nest and took photos or videos. Videos are on youtube & will be published here soon. The nest was discovered on my craftroom porch end of April and now we have baby robins! I posted then about info on bird eggs hatching as I knew nothing about it. I think it takes 14 days to hatch an egg and 14 days til they take flight after hatching!

Best part? screaming out loud when 3 little heads popped up to great my phone, one morning! 

DISCLAIMER: no baby birds or nest were touched / harmed during this photo shoot. 

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cross Canada ROAD TRIP !


Blog posts may be quiet for 1.5 weeks as we are headed on a cross Canada Road Trip! We fly Comox-Toronto then drive back! Don’t worry I’ll post some creative finds from the journey & I have brought craft supplies for the evenings! Stay tuned. BC or Bust!
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Today while sitting on our cabin’s deck at 12:40 pm…. The deck swayed back and forth and rumbled for 30+ seconds. Really wild. Amos dog jumped out of his sleep, worried. I watched old growth trees sway like sticks. By the time I realized what was happening, it was ending. No injuries or deaths reported in BC. We have heard it was everything from a 7.4 to a 6.5 & the centre was 20 mins from us, out in the ocean. I had motion sickness for an hour after. Very humbling and very cool. I changed my afternoon plans of floating on an airmattress in the ocean, in the 30 degree heat, due to after shock possibilities. There have been no signs reported of Tsunamis.
Info about the quake: http://click here for quake info.
And here is info about shake out BC our annual drill and great Emerg prep site FYI:
click here for shake out BC (I’ll be doing it @ home & work)
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D is for Dolphins and B is for Bear!

It was take your wife to work weekend. My husband (wow, that’s still crazy to say in month 5) has been pretty busy this summer so if I want to see him, I thought I’d tag along to his work. His Port MacNeil employer is very kind and offered for me to boat with them to a remote, helicopter fly-in fishing resort called Nimmo Bay. On BC map- east of top of Vancouver Island, actually on mainland but boat or flight access only.
We also stopped in Sullivan Bay ~ a ritzy float cabin community of retired yachters.

I was promised whales but it was too early in the season (though I looked non-stop). I got to be Jen-geographic and here’s a sampling of the 448 photos I took:

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