Diners & Dinosaur Birthday parties




20121117-234009.jpg Since moving to the big island, we’ve spent our Saturday mornings together exploring our new hood. The above photos are from our new fav hole in the wall (or should I say hole in the air walk park?). The food, ambience & the ladies are just fabulous! Trimester two has brought on a hefty morning appetite! We live near a paved walkway that is approx 5km long. It meanders through a bird estuary, along the ocean & river, taking you past a community air park where small planes take off all day and by marinas and shops. It’s pretty great. The diner is right on the path in a portable looking, non description exterior. But “it’s where friends meet”.
Shown here also, my hunky husband reading the local rag. We had already planned to visit the giant “fiesta!” Fair Trade craft market downtown. Being a womyn who never turns down a good fiesta, we made one stop first!

20121117-234629.jpg We attended our first Dinosaur birthday party! I had heard from my friend Aren that the Courtenay museum of Paleontology was awesome. And she was correct. My sweety had birthday cake in his hands moments after arrival & I was blown away by their fossil collection. Not to mention..



Make Something Every Day


Birthday wishes…

Happy birthday to our family Matriarch Elizabeth! You’re awesome. I hope you’re basking in sun on your birthday!
Make Something Every Day

Cheese Rounds Cake !!!


Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Corey! To celebrate, I made a Cheese Rounds Cake! Layered cheeses: Bourskin garlic & herb, German Brie, Montreal Smoked Port Salut, Bavarian cordonzola, Manitoba red hot pepper havarti & Comox Camembert. To garnish: Truffle pig orange chocolate, pickled asparagus, red grapes, almond crackers. Served with Sleemans honey brown & Pinot Grigos.

Make Something Every Day

I ordered this bad girl ~ in teal ~today!

Crosley Spinnerette Portable Turntable Suitcase – CR-6016A | Dijital Fix.

My birthday present! It took me forever to choose but I ordered it from NYC today! details when she arrives.

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Let the celebrations begin!


Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating my birthday in our first mostly unpacked day in the retreat on Quadra!
My sweety has to work on this day of my birth so he took me for West Coast Salmon Eggs Benny brunch, yesterday. And then he gave me…

Tickets for us to see Gordon Lightfoot in Vancouver, November 20!!! Awesome! I’m celebrating today with my dad, who we just moved to Vancouver Island in the last 2 weeks. Him & Abby will be adventuring over on the ferry to play for the first time. So much to be grateful for! I MAY even start unpacking … Drum roll please … The craft room!
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Dog whisperer

stock photo (don't freak out dad ~ we had 1 day of snow last winter)

beach @ our place on Quadra

My sweetheart of a frisky moose turned 13 years this month! For this honourable occasion, I baked him halibut dogbones (see posting last month), got him an accupuncturist and a dog whisperer! Amos had a homevisit of chiropractic and accunputure needles all down his back end, hips & knees. He is like a puppy after treatments.

This is an interesting read if you have an older doggie: click here for article about dog accupuncture

camping on Quadra this spring

His dog whisperer is an awesome local man that sees most of the island’s dogs at some point. Our pets love him. He does mass dog hikes up mountains with 20 dogs at a time… daily, behavior management and pet sitting. “Amos… Let’s go!” When the Whisperer was away in India recently, the womyn that covered for him created this dog BLOG to keep him attached to his dog friends.

click here for the Quadra Dog BLOG

his chais lounge

Happy 91 st Birthday Amos!

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Remember Salal’s birthday

Happy Remember Day Canada!

I’m sure all “cat-people” at one time say they never thought they’d be a cat person and post photos of their cat online.  Salal turns 10 years old today. He was rescued during a child protection child removal from a foster home on the  Old Masset reserve on Haida Gwaii. I was not a cat person but heard the squeal and went nuts taking him home. My admin also ran the SPCA on island and hooked me up with all the gear and knowledge. I  named Salal after the BC wild blueberry bush that grows up to the armpits on Haida Gwaii and also here on Quadra Island.

Amos nursed him and I brought him to work for 6 weeks and fed him with an eye dropper. He hid under my clothes in major meetings, diffused MANY an angry reluctant youth counselling session and became a car cat, as a result. He’s super healthy and tolerates his cat brother Estevan. He likes to jump in the bathe with Kate. Even my dad loved him. Here’s some of my favs photos over time of Salal-berry-Jam-face.

couple works out every day.. except today…

Mi Espouso is heading back to camp tomorrow, so today’s Make Something Everyday were  his birthday celebrations! The cake was a boxed carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It was inspired by my friend’s Tigger and her creative blog about sewing and CAKE DECORATING! See links below for Tigger’s BLOG. Thanks for the great idea Tig. It’s called “Barrell of Candy”. I ran out of Kitkats but we still managed to make ourselves sick, twice.

Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?

Mistress Mary

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary 2 – Illustration by w:en:William Wallace Denslow

from the Project Gutenberg EBook of Denslow’s Mother Goose, by Anonymous

Original copyright 1902 by William Wallace Denslow

Well, I am making friends wth salad these days – I’m off all the “whites” = anything flour, wheat, sugar based. So garden salads at the end of the greenhouse season, it is! We had some lovely salads from the garden last week! Green and red peppers (first time I have ever grown these), lots of chives and parsley, swiss chard and previously lots of lettuce. The fall lettuce and kale hasn’t really taken as the weather has been rain and more rain, lately.

I plan on doing a longer post about the greenhouse and how it all went. I feel in some ways this blogging Make Something Every Day experience has been an online journal of sorts, from which I will look back next spring and decide what worked and didn’t before building a new greenhouse at the new house. Instead of having seperate garden and recipe etc journals, I’ll do it all here.  We are moving next week so I will document the garden process throughly at that time. Fingers crossed that the Jack-o-lantern patch that I planted for Corey and my Hubbard squash are ready by Halloween! C’mon SUN!

On a more creative front ~ I came home Thursday night to a surprise ish turkey Birthday dinner from my lovely fiance. He spoiled me as usual (he’s pretty niiice). After dinner I began the turkey soup process, which I really love every fall. Here’s the stock on the stove with Bay Leaves that I dried from the tree out front (I mailed some out to friends but my original batch molded- lesson learned) and dill stock from the greenhouse.

dill and bay leaves in turkey stock.