who broke 2 blenders in the last year?

today I got 2 new toys at the dreaded but ever so cheap Walmart.

In terms of creativity, lately I’ve been.. wait for it.. COOKING. Even a baking urge now and then. This gardening thing is making it’s way into the kitchen. So, Corey makes Greens Plus smoothies for us EVERY morning – banana, yogurt, greens +, at least two kinds of berries, fruit etc.. and I get a bendy straw. He’s a pretty easy going guy but the second time I busted the blender – blending  Snapper carcuses for dog bone baking.. (recipes to come Kate).. that was it! Blender rights revoked, I got us a slap chop yesterday, as I’ve been craving my hummus for weeks.

A Slap Chop & a hot glue gun.

Let the Games begin!

this video is pretty classy.

What to make today?