***fish on!

It was a strong start to the fishing season, yesterday June 17, th, 2012.. Fathers Day. Yes! Johnny Cash week this week consisted of my dad, myself and my handsome husband on re -con of the Quinsam River in Campbell River, in Beautiful Bristish Columbia. With JC playing in the car, the sun trying to peek out.. off we went.

The stats? A few bites, nothing caught but a lovely afternoon on the banks of the Quinsam river, below the hatchery. Um, it’s gorgous~ just outside of Campbell River. Myself, I’m an ocean girl so I’m looking forward to the future “we have a boat days” (shh baby, I know, there there, we’ll get a boat someday!) ~the ocean sick days out on the pacific ocean swells. You can call me “Ginger” then. 

It was a lovely start to the season. Happy Fathers Day Dad, love You ~ Jenny Penny

A slideshow for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

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Make Something Every Day

Charlie’s Angels, c’mooon!

our coffee table tray. Made by my clients for our wedding and now has my fav girl photos in it!

Cute book, now in my work waiting room.

So there I was reading (I know Kate.. I said READING) this cute girls’ book, while Wimbledon is playing for hours in the background. I’m reading this page and I literally look up and see Billy Jean King in the royal box with Kate and William. She was everything for getting womyn’s tennis more recognized as a profession. That said and all my excitement of Wimbledon aside, I am assured that womyn’s prize money is still not the same as the mens.

Girls Just wanna have fun ~ here’s the only photos I took from our Ladies Weekend up Powell Lake at Aren’s cabin in June. It ‘s so beautiful and peaceful there. Thanks Aren, Jackie and Shelley for a lovely weekend! Shelley was a true Charlie’s Angel, arriving on a float plane and Jackie acing her boat docking was also impressive. yeah girls! HUBBA BUBBA!

Make Something Every Day

D is for Dolphins and B is for Bear!

It was take your wife to work weekend. My husband (wow, that’s still crazy to say in month 5) has been pretty busy this summer so if I want to see him, I thought I’d tag along to his work. His Port MacNeil employer is very kind and offered for me to boat with them to a remote, helicopter fly-in fishing resort called Nimmo Bay. On BC map- east of top of Vancouver Island, actually on mainland but boat or flight access only.
We also stopped in Sullivan Bay ~ a ritzy float cabin community of retired yachters.

I was promised whales but it was too early in the season (though I looked non-stop). I got to be Jen-geographic and here’s a sampling of the 448 photos I took:

Make Something Every Day

it’s been a when-it-rains-it-pours kind of couple of weeks

Dearest BLOG friends,

I’ve got a few emails lately from people I don’t know. They are asking what happened to my daily posts? So it occurs to me, a little slower than most, I suppose ~ people are reading my missives. Cool. That’s cool. I’m not signed onto the blogroll or blogger system, i don’t think, so how are they hearing about me? (tech friends chime in here… what gives?

Of late ~ it’s been a when-it-rains-it-pours couple of weeks, without much rain actually. (Wow that was really witty. Maybe now I’m telling bad jokes to please the masses? I mustn’t).  I’ll use that as my subject title and we’ll call it even. Lots of changes in boat adventures, me closing my Quadra office and opening one in Campbell River, working on changing letters behind the name, insurance and spring times at the beachhouse require some maintaining. Mostly that’s code for composting and making out. wink. All that said – I’m back in action and will post some entries that altho are not beachcombing ARE in fact beachlife and it ALL makes me happy.

I’ve been making Corey watch lame upcycling youtube videos of crafting, while on the ferry. He loathes the term but did learn how to make a girl’s headband from a recycled bike tire tube, on the 5:25 ferry.  How lucky is he?

upcycling (click on LINK)
Upcycling is a new term and there still seems to be some talk about what it’s true meaning is. To me upcycling is a step up from recycling (hence the name?). Upcycling is when you reuse an item, or a piece of an item to create something new. Upcycling doesn’t take as much energy or produce as much of a carbon footprint as Recycling does. With upcycling you do not need to reprocess the item back into a raw form. Most of the items on this blog are upcycled. Upcycling is more fun than the previous two. With upcycling anyone can use their imagination, take some items from the recycling bin or trash and use them to create something new.


Is there an UPCYCLE  project you’d like to see me attempt?

Upcycle something and email me  a photo with a list of the items used to make your new creation. I’ll post it on this blog. If you want you can send the instructions for making that item and I’ll post that too.

Hope you enjoy & feel free to comment & compliment

p.s. The weather has been STUNNING for a while!

more soon ~mermaid