What? Make bread in a crockpot?



Today was a low fi house day, humid with relatively no sun. As good a day as any for some crockpot experiments. Using my trusty crockpot book, I found a cornbread bean recipe. What? Make bread in a crockpot? For goodness sakes, I don’t even know how to make it in the oven. I substituted taco seasoned ground beef for the base (instead of the bean recipe it called for). Cooked the meaty underbits first, put them in the crockpot, covered with the cornbread mixture and set for High at 2 hours.
Results? Well I’ll be. We thought it tasted great. “a corny twist on shepherds pie ~ beefy & good” is the review from my audience.
It was a bit dry so my sweety added some of what i call my “fail salsa” from last year. If I made it again I’d double the taco seasoning in the meat, add shredded cheddar between the layers and on top and some more red sauce.
Make Something Every Day


2 kinds of FONDUE to welcome my new husband home

Last night my brand new husband of 2 weeks (when will I stop counting?) returned home from camp. He left almost immediately after our Wedding trip to Mexico & Alberta ~so I was pretty pleased to see him! We had some trouble deciding between a cheese and french bread fondue or a chocolate and fruit fondue, so obviously we got both. We drank new wine and loved it all up! I also worked on our Wedding Guest Book the other night but was so frustrated with posterous blog posting that it didn’t get posted, so here it is.

(i’m pressing PUBLISH with fingers crossed this makes it to my BLOG http://www.foundobjectbeachart.wordpress.comand over to the thing-a-day BLOG!?)
p.s. it didn’t work – you have to have a blog with them, add to their blog then you can autpost to here. boo.  It’s a learning curve for me.