Naughty Kitty ~ Obviously Someone is Feeling Better.

IMG_3713This is a breakfast in bed (hello Trimester Three, perks!) PLAY BY PLAY…

The photos are blurry which sadly is what happens when your iphone camera lens gets all scratched up.

boo. You get the idea  though.





Make Something Every Day


Diners & Dinosaur Birthday parties




20121117-234009.jpg Since moving to the big island, we’ve spent our Saturday mornings together exploring our new hood. The above photos are from our new fav hole in the wall (or should I say hole in the air walk park?). The food, ambience & the ladies are just fabulous! Trimester two has brought on a hefty morning appetite! We live near a paved walkway that is approx 5km long. It meanders through a bird estuary, along the ocean & river, taking you past a community air park where small planes take off all day and by marinas and shops. It’s pretty great. The diner is right on the path in a portable looking, non description exterior. But “it’s where friends meet”.
Shown here also, my hunky husband reading the local rag. We had already planned to visit the giant “fiesta!” Fair Trade craft market downtown. Being a womyn who never turns down a good fiesta, we made one stop first!

20121117-234629.jpg We attended our first Dinosaur birthday party! I had heard from my friend Aren that the Courtenay museum of Paleontology was awesome. And she was correct. My sweety had birthday cake in his hands moments after arrival & I was blown away by their fossil collection. Not to mention..



Make Something Every Day

Breakfast of champions ~ blackberry smoothie /w a bendy straw

My awesome husband drove me from Quadra to Courtenay to work, so I got to snap these photos.

Make Something Every Day

cooking baking brewing roasting breakfasting

Halibut dog bones

delicious first attempt! Photo of the expert puree'er.

caribbean chicken stew in the house white wine

my very FIRST roast! Wedding crockpot adventures continue!

breakfast in bed from my love.. where shall we go today?

It was a rainy month and lots was produced in the Quadra cabin. The above are just a few “makes” that I thought to take photos of.  We also started Mexican Lime beer and a summer house Pinto Grigos, in our basement that now smells like a hobo. Those photos were less flattering. lol.


breakfast of champions

breakfast of champions

February 24, 2011

Today’s thing a day is evidence that I can actually feed myself when my husband goes to camp. I just prefer not to & like his smoothies and coffee better. lol. Blueberries, blackberries in yogurt, raisons, smoked thai salmon, vitamin & folic and several espressos before dashing to the ferry. I am however, going out for work lunch and work dinner.