more Mexico wedding shots.. in addition to the 50 on FBK…

luchador (spell?) masks

Here’s some wedding photos, in addition to the facebook ones I posted last week ~ from Mexico by the professional photog PUO Photography.  I’ve got 250 professional shots, 80 from the Alberta reception and another 400 from mexico from friends. Facebook takes too long and this  website has a limit, so email if you want more! I’ll make copies available etc to those that want them and publish a book or two that Aren started for us…


the Alberta wedding reception!

Here’s a sneak peak @ some of the many wedding photos that have been rolling in (finally!) this week.

This lot is from Corey’s aunt Michelle, many thanks to her.

our wedding party ~the Drummonds

my husband and my dad!

my husband, my dad and my family matriarch Elizabeth

it's official! We did the paperwork in Alberta with Laura & Brian as witnesses.

more photos to come!


2 days til death do us part

from New Waterford Girl - filmed in Cape Breton.. one of the BEST Canadian films, ever. Watch for wedding photos involving this sign..

I’m not promising to obey him though. wink** We leave for Mexico in 2 days, followed by Alberta reception. I’m switching from a hormonal crying bundle of nerves to an excited bride to be! I get to see my Dad and the Matriarch in less than  weeks and my best friends from all over Canada in 2 days! awesome. We are off on the  fiddley bit sprint to Comox for more supplies.

(from the Blare Witch photo shoot)

Love ~bridezilla !