Turtles Cupcakes!

Today I made some Nestle turtle chocolate cupcakes. Basically, you bake chocolate cupcakes half way then place a turtle chocolate on them, with more cupcake mixture, and put it back in for another 10 minutes. The recipe is below. If you look at the photo  you can see that I left them in a little too long (we have a brand spankin’ new oven and all appliances.. thanks daddsy! ~and even though i put it on 15 degrees less than the recipe said- it cooked very quickly). So the photo at bottom is the halfway point. They were naughty and decent, not incredible. Husband review? “they would have been better heated up so they’d be gooey. (recipe actually says to do that) But they were cupcakes with turtles in them.. c’mooon!” IMG_3998



click here for the Nestle Turtles Cupcakes recipe!

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Diners & Dinosaur Birthday parties




20121117-234009.jpg Since moving to the big island, we’ve spent our Saturday mornings together exploring our new hood. The above photos are from our new fav hole in the wall (or should I say hole in the air walk park?). The food, ambience & the ladies are just fabulous! Trimester two has brought on a hefty morning appetite! We live near a paved walkway that is approx 5km long. It meanders through a bird estuary, along the ocean & river, taking you past a community air park where small planes take off all day and by marinas and shops. It’s pretty great. The diner is right on the path in a portable looking, non description exterior. But “it’s where friends meet”.
Shown here also, my hunky husband reading the local rag. We had already planned to visit the giant “fiesta!” Fair Trade craft market downtown. Being a womyn who never turns down a good fiesta, we made one stop first!

20121117-234629.jpg We attended our first Dinosaur birthday party! I had heard from my friend Aren that the Courtenay museum of Paleontology was awesome. And she was correct. My sweety had birthday cake in his hands moments after arrival & I was blown away by their fossil collection. Not to mention..



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one glass makes an average amount of freckles

38 Inspiring Objects

2. Freckle Juice.

The book by Judy Blume. What can I say? It may shock you how many copies of this book that I received, as a child for birthdays. Or maybe it wouldn’t. I AM a redhead, after all. I reread it this morning. Really formative-years, creative stuff. I wrote (and won) every elementary school speech ~on my freckles and red head hair. I was made fun of and my parents tried to use them to make me stronger and it did, in the end build my self image to the amazing place that it is today..barf. More importantly, the book reminded me of how Martha Dundas & I made baby powder & street mud cakes in my Betty Crocker oven, as infants, in her basement. I think it was taken away shortly after but my need to create my own recipes (or not follow them properly) still inspires my creativity today. and PS. DAD~ the freckles did not go away in high school, like you promised.

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Cheese Rounds Cake !!!


Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Corey! To celebrate, I made a Cheese Rounds Cake! Layered cheeses: Bourskin garlic & herb, German Brie, Montreal Smoked Port Salut, Bavarian cordonzola, Manitoba red hot pepper havarti & Comox Camembert. To garnish: Truffle pig orange chocolate, pickled asparagus, red grapes, almond crackers. Served with Sleemans honey brown & Pinot Grigos.

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Sew sweet!

http://sew sweet BLOG link click here! nwttigger.blogspot.com/

My friend Tigger in Ontario, over at her BLOG Sew Sweet, is making some killer cakes and really amazing Inuit influenced beaded moccasins! Check her out! they are on my wishlist / to learn list.

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Beet & nutella cake


It’s a lovely July Monday so I figured “why not bake a beet cake today?”. A totally gorgeous video was passed on to me by my lovely which inspired today’s Make Something Every Day. I’ve been a little remiss in postings but I assure you’ve I’ve got tons of Makes to post. My goal this week will be to empty my iPhoto onto my Blog so stay tuned…

http://click here for beet cake recipe

Scroll down to beet cake for recipe. a great use of jars of pickled beets ( my FAV food!).


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