We Are Getting Some Weather

Well, it looked like this on my commute to work this am.

We have moved.. so the commute is backwards to last year. This is north of Courtenay headed to Campbell River, BC.

Photo taken holding iphone out the window.

Imagine how awesome it could have been if I had the real camera?IMG_3771

And by the time dinner came, back in Courtenay, we took this photo out the front window.

I’m thinking maybe the end of the world IS coming?

 IMG_3821Happy Holidays! 


Make Something Every Day

making my commute to work more creative

All photos taken holding my iphone out the window of my car as I commute from Quadra Island through Campbell River en route to my practice in Courtenay, on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Make Something Every Day

The cougar



“Fishing” and “whale watching”. Now that summer is here & I’ve begun participating in both activities, I’m giving the words a think.
I haven’t caught any fish while “fishing” nor have I seen any whales while “whale watching”. Yet here I am on the outside deck of the bc ferries commute from Quadra Island to my Campbell River practice/work ~ whale searching!? The sun is out. Isn’t that all that really matters? Can’t look overboard & type at the same time, while looking for whales. B-bye.

20120621-090746.jpg did you spot the whale?

Make Something Every Day

art therapy ice breakers with kids

art therapy bridging school to therapy with a 8yr old

art therapy ice breakers

I was going to post a bunch a great youtube videos about occupy wall street but I think a more create post ~ a  couple of quick examples of art therapy sessions with young kids this week. This is my art. I drove by my Dad yesterday morning. I was driving to work in Courtenay and spotted my Dad walking his little doggie Abby  on the SeaWalk in Campbell River! awesome day!

Make Something Every Day

Thrift store scores!



Major cabin fever set in yesterday. And it rained!!! I agreed to get up on my day off and get on the 8am ferry with my sweety, just so I could have the car! I spent the day doing errands then thrifting in CR, hoping for some creative inspirations.
Above are my finds! Who doesn’t love a bag of clown and barbie heads for 25 cents? Also a ziploc of new zippers for same. Best score was the pottery mug shown. It matches my Tlell bell which…. is also made by bottle and jug pottery! ~ my FAV pottery studio in Tlell, Haida Gwaii! It is stamped “I didn’t go to Expo”. Score for 10 cents! (the Bell came from a thrift store in Kimberley).

Heres an interesting link (& upside down post… classic HG)… Of my fav artists/ studios on Haida Gwaii, including my pottery crush.

Click to access Art%20Route%20Brochure.pdf

As well I’m not sure what era or what I’ll do with it but the green pottery vase is pretty awesome. Thanxs Salal for modelling it (& laying on my chest as i text this entry from bed). Maybe for paint brushes but I’ll research it first.
Make Something Every Day

Never tired of eagles


An hour and a half wait today to put the car on the ferry at Q-Cove… Again! Sigh.

Corey had to walk on or he’d be late for work so I chilled (tried not to steam, actually) in the parking lot with my iPhone camera.
This photo is actually just one eagle. Sometimes the delay on the HD works for me!
Make Something Every Day

Happy Gobble Gobble Johnny Cash Day!

Last night we had a WICKED first of the storm season storm! Though we didn’t lose power.. we did lose some patio furniture and the hot tub lid. Sad to report Corey – the jack o lanterns all got eaten when Glen mowed the lawn and didn’t put my fish netting back up. Growl. But I have recovered all missing furnishings.. less the Canadian flag. I woke to complete sunshine, not a whiffft of wind out there and the cry of the eagles. The eagles took off for salmon season but have returned to share in my winter beach combing pleasures. Though it’s so super high tide with 3x the driftwood, there is no beach to access until after coffee times*, anyway.

Today I am on a mission to hit up Walmart (save the applause or boo’ing) for packing / moving supplies ie. rubbermaids and packing tape. Currently, there seems to be a life milestone happening every two weeks.. and starting tomorrow.. we are moving! Just up the beach on Quadra..details and decor adventures to be blogged, not to worry it’s pretty awesome too. Same phone, same PO box, folks. But before I embark on that mission… I’m lucky to be adopted into Knudsen family Thanksgiving dinner in CR. gobble gobble.

Don’t forget to listen to some Johnny Cash this morning..and MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY.

the cruise "ferry" over to Campbell River

…to eat some gobble gobble and to play with THESE guys!

stock summer photo of the adorable team Knudsen.

She Runs With Scissors

photo taken in CR, for Michele M in Montreal

A new store opened in Campbell River recently. As we drove by it yesterday, I commented to Corey that Michele in Montreal has some super funny childhood story  about running with scissors. (I haven’t actually even met her but she seems pretty awesome & crafty..lol)I assumed it was a hair salon but our  travel agent said otherwise. Today, I went up and met some really friendly, crafty  scrapbook  ladies. They  gave me great motivations for wedding invitations.

click here for their facebook page


hehe, I had a giggle when I read this post and saw this craft store name – I absolutely love it! I think every craft girl has run with scissors or had a mishap along their creative adventures…

I can blame my accident on my age (I was 6 at the time) and a case of over-excitement about crafty times.

I was in grade 1. I remember sitting at my little wooden desk/chair after having just finished a spelling test. My teacher, Ms. Howe let the class know that Mr. Linkletter from down the hall was going to join us for afternoon craft time. Oh BOY was I excited! I remember him being very patient and especially talented at folding paper oh-so-perfectly. Funny the little things we remember. So I started to excitedly get all my supplies out of my desk – glue, paper, crayons, ruler… scissors. Now maybe the rules back in the 80s weren’t so strict as now, for these scissors were quite sharp, not just for paper. With one quick, smooth motion, the scissors came from out of my little cubby desk below straight into my nostril. Needless to say, I started bleeding allll over my 80s printed gymsuit. OWWWW! and I wasn’t even running! ha, I wish I still had that gymsuit, I could have created something interesting with it…

Luckily the incident hasn’t traumatized me and I am happily crafting with glue, scissors, buttons, printed papers and more!

Thanks for thinking of me Jen. We’ll have to meet one of these days for a crafternoon xo


~she still thinks taking the ferry is romantic~

view from Corey's boat in Campbell River ~~Queen of Powell River BCferry to Quadra

Campbell River from front ferry deck

no fun times on ferry deck

modeling new Vancouver Island Library bag for Kate

view from upper back deck -cars boarding from Quadra

view from back deck of ferry looking at Quadra

This is a visual journal entry of a classic daytrip view to Quadra Island from Campbell River. This was last Friday and it was GORGEOUS out! It’s a 10 minute crossing and I still LOVE it! I love to take cheesey tourist photos from the decks or make Corey pose as I maul him. TOOT TOOT!


Who doesn’t love a good fort? The first visit down to “our” beach we noticed several wicked driftwood forts, lining the shore. Turns out these were the hard loving labour of the summer resident kids. We have super-awesome friendly Campbell River locals that come up on weekends on either side of us and rarely in the winter. During the gale-force storm of a few weeks ago, all of the forts were washed away, some up off the beach and onto front porches (I exaggerate slightly but not much). I’m pleased to announce that today – through the Spring-is-here-newly-opened-windows times.. I heard the laughter and bickering of 4 kids reconstructing the first of many forts in the hood. I like to leave surprises that i find at the beach in their forts for when they arrive in good weather.

Here’s my little friend Cole Knudsen posing in front of a neighbour’s fort, on his first of what I hope will be many sleepovers on Quadra.

Lately I’ve been craving building an indoor sheet fort. When is the last time you built a fort?