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Nana's recipe book

Mom's notes on canning Pickled beets (my fav food ever), on the pages of Nana's recipe book

A wonderful package came in the mail last week, from my Dad (love you Daddsy). It contained a beautiful hardcover copy of one of my late Nana’s recipe book. It came the week I was canning. My fav food in the world remains my mom’s homemade pickled beets. And I believe her recipe is a variation of the one in this book. Thanks dad… another thoughtful and timely package. I attempted the beets last year and they were okay, not quite mom’s. I’m going to enjoy this book, this winter.

scene of the cooking & canning crimes, our kitchen

Pineapple salsa 2010


Wa Wa Kie Pinapple Salsa day!

It was annual Salsa making day. My canned pinapple salsa was a screaming hit last summer, mostly with Corey (because we didn’t share much of it), so I went for it again this year.

Canning supplies were purchased at the mega supercentre evil but cheap Walmart in CR (thanks dad for gift cards!). I think I added too much vinegar.. But I’m waiting for the man to get home from camp to try it first! Water bath canning is easy enough – I watched about 5 diff YouTube videos for tips. I’m a visual learner so I find it and the how to page (see my links) really helpful. I’m ready to learn to can Salmon -nudge nudge Corey we need salmon! Salsa results to come, stay tuned!

what the FIG?

the FIG TREE in our yard is beyond ripe

fig tree

so I picked one… and opened it up… and YUM! Fresh fig tastes like dried fig but BETTER!

(yes those are my fake gell nails).

So, fellow creative makers reading this.. what should I do with the other 20 or so on the tree?

I didn’t buy a dehydrator –

I was going to for the upcoming pear crisis but the pear tree didn’t produce at all this year.

(which is great b/c we are still eating last year’s pears that I canned for days).

So eat them fresh, dehydrate figs or SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?