The Nursery Before. It’s Happening.

Well blog friends, it’s HAPPENING! I’m officially in my third trimester and nesting like a mad womyn. With xmas coming and both working, we have a lot on the go and minimal time off but slowly we are making some changes in our awesome new house. I’m posting before nursery photos in order to motivate myself! Stay tuned in the next 2 weeks for the final room (before xmas for sure). I’ve also included a Pregnancy Breakfast of Champions shot. My awesome husband makes me a shake every morning ~ berries, greek yogurt, banana, almond milk. I take all the other vitamins with it, to make sure our future baby attends college.

Make Something Every Day

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I had a nice poop

cool bathroom photo, heh?

I’m embracing poop talk, living with a man.

A wonderful man, who feels free to discuss his movements and encourages me to discuss mine.. ugg.

So we moved into the cabin (still on Qaudra, about 5 minutes up the beach). Lots of love required but it’s becoming a snuggly nice place to live. First was the ripping out of carpet in the bedroom AND bathroom. That’s right people.. carpet in a 70s wood cabin bathroom. So the second Corey left for camp.. you imagine correctly that this is what I ripped out…

Bye Bye mouse Poo and revolting carpet. Man, carpet nails and such are a  b*tch to get out. So glad my  fake floozy nails are gone.

Then came drying the floor boarding, sanding it, mopping it and painting it (with one of the MANY cans of green ash ~puke~ paint that i found in the woodshed). Reno cost? zero.

and while we develop rapport with our lovely, elderly, slow to make changes land lords.. we will settle for this..