Naughty Kitty ~ Obviously Someone is Feeling Better.

IMG_3713This is a breakfast in bed (hello Trimester Three, perks!) PLAY BY PLAY…

The photos are blurry which sadly is what happens when your iphone camera lens gets all scratched up.

boo. You get the idea  though.





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Who’se A Chubby Kitty?

IMG_3743 IMG_3744

Well, I experimented with a second rescue remedy recipe for my cat Salal. Although he has perhaps doubled (?) his weight in a month ~ and for sure his energy and fiest has tripled.. I thought I’d vary up his diet and try this one. Again ~  easy to make  and he loves it. I promise to use cheaper chicken next time, babe.

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Kitty Does Have Nine Lives

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After our awesome, sweet heart of a dog passed on in May, I began to wonder if its best friend Salal ~was experiencing depression?  The grey, 11 year old cat from Haida Gwaii, lost his spunk & appetite in a matter of  3 weeks. Nothing we offered helped. I force fed him for weeks after our travelling vet told us it was renal (kidney) failure.  (which was not a joy for my husband or myself). He bit through endless syringes and turkey basters.  I was not giving up. Recently, we added the stress of moving to this list. The move went well. Plan B. We added a small dose of daily vallium to his routine. His appetite came back but he didn’t gain any weight. He also looked like a drunk at 2 am in his back legs, which was at first funny ~then sad.
Plan C!    I visited our new neighborhood vet, a naturopathic and Chinese medicine based healer. She was awesome! Tree of Life Vet. I didn’t have an ap’t but she answered my questions in the waiting room. She photocopied 2 recipes for cat renal failure and I bought a tub of powder to put on it.
I went from there to the grocer and spent $25 on 2 months fresh ingredients. The salmon was a score as I got a huge tray of ends (it didn’t need to be pretty).  It looked like poop, lol.  Long story shorter…. Salal is wolfing down his food – both the salmon recipe & regular kibble and is off the meds. His gaunt cheeks are regaining their chub! Yeah me & new vet! I’m making another batch today & will tell you about the chicken recipe next month.

Any questions, please comment below.

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Who is Peeing on the Carpet?


Today is my first day alone in our new house! I’d say we are roughly 3/4 unpacked with several systems to set up yet. One of those is the cats.
Until our beautiful dog Amos passed in May, I almost didn’t realize we had 2 cats. They seemed to accessorize him. Now they get a lot more attention, as you can imagine. I know cats don’t adjust to moves very well, so we locked them in the spare bathroom with all their gear & needs during the move and the following couple days. Now that they are free, they are needy (& kneading my baby belly every chance I sit / lay still).
We have carpet. From an esthetics and germ perspective I despise carpet like I despise window treatments. It’s expensive ish berber & isn’t in the reno budget to rip out, this year. The stairwells have in the last three days become a stink bomb of either cat spray or pee!!! Uggg! Nothing worse than cat pee smell! Nothing. I have yet to catch anyone in the act (goddess help them if I do) as they do it after we leave for work. We’ve emptied a box of baking soda cat litter deo all over already. Any suggestions folks? Other than driving the kitties to “the farm”?
Happy times*! I’m hoping to unpack / find my craft supplies and set up a table today! Stay tuned.
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here kitty kitty


and we thought the cats would have a hard time on the stair well..

Check this out – a wine cellar in a spiral staircase, accessed through a window hatch in the kitchen floor! 


We thought our new retreat staircase and wine cellar were pretty cool…

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another fall afternoon of colour & sunshine

The return of the sun makes it so easy to take great photos (if I DO honk my horn). HONK HONK. All photos taken on iPhone with either Hipstamatic app or dynamic light. All photos can be saved / enlarged by clicking on them. As the sun sets tonight, I am heading into my craftroom to finish the great unpack! My husband is away for the night and next day so it’s CRAFTERNOONing for me! Stay tuned…

we are developing a serious relationship with this giant Maple tree that our retreat is located under. Hello leaf raking in another week.

flowers picked for the bathroom

sunflowers picked for the kitchen & rose hips for tea

my husband enjoyed the hammock, with his coffee, this morning.

the new fall do

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for the love of Salal

Some recent photos of Salal-berry jam face. Yes, I’m posting photos of my cat. Click on any of them to enlarge.


make something every day meets thing a day DAY 12

Hi everyone! I’ve just returned from my wedding (s) in Mexico & Alberta so  hope it’s okay to join the project now! HAPPY DAY 12.

It’s pouring rain in the rainforest, on the small island we live on in BC, Canada. I’ve got the weekend alone and hope to tackle several projects, so stay tuned here and on my BLOG (in case I haven’t figured out the posterous site works). Today I’m putting together our guestbook / scrapbook style from both weddings. I also re-needle felted the cat balls that Salal & Estevan love so much.


felted ball before

felted ball after re-needle felted

happy kitty with new stash of handmade toys


scenes from the craft region

inspired laundry room with Rosie the Riveter, ancient totems, johnny cash and the hi fi!

It started as a storage room, then progressed to the rumpus room and now to the laundry room. I am referring to the downstairs now as the “craft region”. We live in a small cabin currently without one room for the art supplies.I am hoping these are the before shots of the space I’m making stuff in.

I’ve got an exciting new project for the month of Feb, after the exciting project of getting MARRIED in 2 weeks… so I’m hoping to steal some moments away tomorrow and get this space organized! Corey is at camp, reading this…holding his breath saying

“I knew this would happen”. lol.

craft books by the fire

the victorola hi fi!

formerly a storage room

New month of Feb art project to be announced tomorrow. Stayed tuned and…



the lobster hutch

An awesome package arrived from the south shore of the Scotia a couple weeks ago ~thanks Kate! As well, her fbk status suggests that it’s lobster fishing season for her local friends and family. Which got me to thinking about all the lobster paraphernalia just in this cabin. Here are a few gems.

Corey uses this plate for the BBQ.

I REALLY loved this movie. And this scene, click on above.. about her cooking lobsters was pretty adorable.

I’ve never and will never eat lobster. But I totally eat steak when it’s “ladies times*”. More for everyone else! I recall going to the Red Lobster restaurant in London, Ontario, as a kid. It had a larger than life, GIANT red lobster affixed to the roof and live lobsters in aquariums. The live ones always upset me. So eventually, I move to Nova Scotia, only to find out that lobsters are not red. They turn red after cooking. I have been the brunt of a few lobster tales. But I DIG the bricka brach. (how was my spelling on that Kate?)

dog lobster toy as the star on our xmas tree in Kimberley.. with Kate visiting.

recent bottle opener key chain from kate (arrived day after I locked myself out of work) and fridge magnets from packages over the years


vintage lobster w butt rhinestones. c'mooon!

lobster squeezy dog toys & the cat wind-up lobster toy

from my postcard collection

which then got me to thinking about this guy and how much I dig his artist statement.

which then got me to thinking about my fav sticker, ever…

Safe lobster season to all and to all a good night.


Remember Salal’s birthday

Happy Remember Day Canada!

I’m sure all “cat-people” at one time say they never thought they’d be a cat person and post photos of their cat online.  Salal turns 10 years old today. He was rescued during a child protection child removal from a foster home on the  Old Masset reserve on Haida Gwaii. I was not a cat person but heard the squeal and went nuts taking him home. My admin also ran the SPCA on island and hooked me up with all the gear and knowledge. I  named Salal after the BC wild blueberry bush that grows up to the armpits on Haida Gwaii and also here on Quadra Island.

Amos nursed him and I brought him to work for 6 weeks and fed him with an eye dropper. He hid under my clothes in major meetings, diffused MANY an angry reluctant youth counselling session and became a car cat, as a result. He’s super healthy and tolerates his cat brother Estevan. He likes to jump in the bathe with Kate. Even my dad loved him. Here’s some of my favs photos over time of Salal-berry-Jam-face.

a sunny afternoon photoshoot

Creativity is peaking today with wedding invitations, a wedding website, save the date emails etc. MORE POSTS TO COME THIS WEEKEND, I PROMISE.

Today, I’m working from home, though it’s a challenge,

as the IS shining.

Here’s a little sunshine photoshoot with the frisky friends.


Quadra Island garage sale SCORES!! Happy Johnny Cash Day !

It’s naptime by the fire, with Salal. After attending a really huge, kick ass, annual, by donation ~ garage sale at the Rec Centre today (sponsoring a pre-school in the Phillipines) & some serious domestic stuff.. I’m pooped. There were hundreds of people there. If you know where we live.. That’s a lotta folks. I was not the only girl in rubber boots & a skirt.
We scored:
~pottery mugs (yeah Kate)
~a Peter Paul & Mary lp I didn’t have
~a big box of costume 80s jewels (yeah clip on plastic earrings),
~a couple Scotish mohair scarves & 2 from India,
~a cable knit traditional cream cardigan adorned with deer bone buttons
~a gorgeous silk muummu that I intend to make into a sundress (I’m not giving up on summer yet)
~Corey got a chainsaw.
All in all, a really local, creative day.

I put homemade Snapper dogbones in a jar for the downstairs neighbours Jack Russell that moves in tonight!