We Are Getting Some Weather

Well, it looked like this on my commute to work this am.

We have moved.. so the commute is backwards to last year. This is north of Courtenay headed to Campbell River, BC.

Photo taken holding iphone out the window.

Imagine how awesome it could have been if I had the real camera?IMG_3771

And by the time dinner came, back in Courtenay, we took this photo out the front window.

I’m thinking maybe the end of the world IS coming?

 IMG_3821Happy Holidays! 


Make Something Every Day

Crushing on an old growth painting



This is the painting I was MOST thrilled to see at the Filberg Festival in Comox. See my blog posts in August 2010 ~with my new in-law womyn! This weekend, I had the pleasure of staying at The Old House Village & Oh Spa in Courtenay with Jackie & Aren (“taxi!”) for girls weekend. Thank-you womyn, love you. http://www.oldhousevillage.com/ohspa.htm
And guess what was in their Lobby!? It’s 3 inches deep of moss & paint & deserves better lighting than their set up but… WOW! I’d give an appendage to own this painting or have Monk’s skill. She too, has clearly been impacted by the fabulous Emily Carr. She is a huge fan of having community paint with her on large canvases & is a generous community supporter. http://www.artbymonk.com/

20111218-214352.jpg Make Something Every Day

Filberg Top Five

Filberg Festival weekend ~photo taken at Kingfisher

I was lucky enough to attend the 2011 Filberg Festival with my mother-in law and sister-in law, recently. We stayed at the lovely Kingfisher and ate like Queens all over Comox Valley. It is an art festival on the grounds of the glorious Filberg Park, in Comox. We are going to have a look at my Filberg Top Five ~the vendors, their websites and get inspired.




One: Douglas Walker recycled school instrument garden water features. All working waterfalls ~ totally amazing. He’s nutty and delightful and  also has a book out of his extensive works. He lives on the old highway between Campbell River and Courtenay and I never miss looking at his yard to see what is new. 


click on photo to enlarge for info.


Make Something Every Day

Adventures in Royston

Yesterday Corey attended a seminar then went diving to study eel grass in the Comox valley. I discovered all the thrift stores in the region & stocked up on new underwear at Winners (yeah!). We enjoyed some penang (curry) & 5 flavoured chicken at another Thai restaurant! Photos taken by the ocean in Royston, while driving around pretending which beach house we’d live in.

DEHYDRATOR UPDATE: well there was a reason I couldn’t find avocado in the manual under recipes. Yuck. Otherwise, banana chips took 24 hours and are awesome, mandarins & apples delicious after half a day and stored in the freezer (for up to a year). Today I’m attempting salmon jerky! Stay tuned.