Snapper snowflakes… for dogs

That’s right.. another excuse to make dogbones for my dog…  Xmas party season.

Last Xmas my practice co-horts raved about the dogbones I baked and gave out at potlucks. So this year when asked, it was easy to oblige, as every day with our aged pup is a chance to spoil him. He was such a big helper standing over me in the kitchen for 2 hours! Here’s something that I learned that made my life much easier. The last time I made turkey dogbones (see previous blog entries) I froze three big balls of batter in ziplocs. I simply opened the wedding freezers and found 4 balls ~2 were the snapper  and 2 were turkey. I thawed, rolled, cookie cut & baked them up in no time. The snapper recipe was a little lack luster so I added peanut butter and garlic salt. Sounds gross but dogs love the ingredients.   

This year I went the silly extra step of putting them in little santa bags with bows. And yes, Amos taste tested each batch and got all the ends, saved in a jar on the counter (which already requires refilling).

Happy Christmas to the mutts that make us so happy all year. 

Make Something Every Day

Snapper time




26 degrees out so I decide to bake! Amos has what we think is a summer cold so I want to encourage his eating. So I made his fav. This time I baked a couple batches and froze the rest in little dough balls to roll out and bake as needed.
Ingredients: local snapper purée ~caught by my hunky fisherman husband. Neighbor eggs, milk, butter, local organic giant garlic head, fresh parsley bundle, 10 carrots, baking powder & soda, oats, flour, love.
PS. I also busted the hand mixer thing that Corey bought me because I busted his blender making halibut dogbones.

Make Something Every Day

Popsicles and Dinosaur Bone



This afternoon I got some r&r after a one day work week…. Phew! Laughing. Amos gave his new treat a good go on the grass and I made Popsicles. These are my two fav juices going at the moment. An excellent Vancouver based organic company, shockingly cheap to buy on Quadra and also sold at Costco!
Has anyone got the science or fail proof Popsicle recipe out there? I failed at making booze ones and just put these in today. Lemme know, cheers from the sunny rainforest.
Make Something Every Day

cooking baking brewing roasting breakfasting

Halibut dog bones

delicious first attempt! Photo of the expert puree'er.

caribbean chicken stew in the house white wine

my very FIRST roast! Wedding crockpot adventures continue!

breakfast in bed from my love.. where shall we go today?

It was a rainy month and lots was produced in the Quadra cabin. The above are just a few “makes” that I thought to take photos of.  We also started Mexican Lime beer and a summer house Pinto Grigos, in our basement that now smells like a hobo. Those photos were less flattering. lol.


Xmas potluck times


The potluck Xmas season is officially open. Starting at work (for those of us that haven’t already done five daycare ones, Aren!) this week was the potluck for our mens group & their families. It consisted of all the lovely cheese and bread and fried foods and sugar goodies, that I don’t currently eat or bake.
So this year, I made what I do best. Dogbones. I stood at the door as they filed out and handed out ziplocs of organic turkey & carrot dogbones cut into candy canes, gingerbread men & stars. And yes Corey, I had a few cubes of cheese and a chicken wing!


the baking of dogbones.. or How much I love my dog.

tandoori smoked salmon dog bones

Snapper and parsley dogbones

here's what a snapper looks like! Caught in Klemtu, BC this spring. The model is pretty cute as well.

Kate asked about my dog bone recipes. The new addition to the Turner clan is a real sweetheart. Abby. See photo below.

I have no recipe per say.. everything is human edible and organic as much as possible. I  like the idea of buying food locally, so always get eggs up the street etc or stuff from my garden.

Ingredients are as follows:

-fish (I use whatever is on rotation for going bad in freezer. Corey catches it while in camp, up north. Smoked salmon or Snapper or  pink salmon etc.. next ones are going to be stay tuned in September!).

-2 eggs

-organic whole wheat flour

-non fat milk (tiny bit if too dry)

-fresh herbs: PARSLEY… like handfuls for sure for their breathe.

-garlic. Lots. Good for dogs & they LOVE it. See Parsley.

-organic carrots usually for a veg

-baking powder or soda..honestly i never remember which does what, but you probably know.

I use the fish as the liquid to add to the dry. I tend to break a blender while mixing  the fish,  it’s juice, the carrots, garlic and parsley. (See new Slap Chop Posting).

Add liquid to dry, mix, add love.

Pam a baking sheet. Find the coolest cutters you can. my dinosaur cutters are the best! (I also use them for fried eggs). Roll out your dough. I usually freeze half, as I always make too much to bake in an evening. Cut your cookies.

I bake them at 405 for less than 20 mins (flipping half way), until brown. Don’t overcook or they are too chewy… though Amos has never once complained.

Feedback from dogfolk that I usually give frozen ziplocs of dogbones too? “it’s like crack for my dog” “very rich”.

They last a week in a glass jar before molding.

((I’m sure I’ve missed something in the recipe but I’ll thank Kate for making me post / write my first recipe ever..and it was for Amos..xo)).

Abby. The Turner's new addition.