Snapper snowflakes… for dogs

That’s right.. another excuse to make dogbones for my dog…  Xmas party season.

Last Xmas my practice co-horts raved about the dogbones I baked and gave out at potlucks. So this year when asked, it was easy to oblige, as every day with our aged pup is a chance to spoil him. He was such a big helper standing over me in the kitchen for 2 hours! Here’s something that I learned that made my life much easier. The last time I made turkey dogbones (see previous blog entries) I froze three big balls of batter in ziplocs. I simply opened the wedding freezers and found 4 balls ~2 were the snapper  and 2 were turkey. I thawed, rolled, cookie cut & baked them up in no time. The snapper recipe was a little lack luster so I added peanut butter and garlic salt. Sounds gross but dogs love the ingredients.   

This year I went the silly extra step of putting them in little santa bags with bows. And yes, Amos taste tested each batch and got all the ends, saved in a jar on the counter (which already requires refilling).

Happy Christmas to the mutts that make us so happy all year. 

Make Something Every Day

adjustments have been made

Amos, Salal & Estevan .. trying to relax.

the kitchen

the bar ~ needs replenishing.. visitors always welcome.

the chef

A few teaser photos of the new pad at the retreat on Quadra Island. The pets and the humans are adjusting just fine. We had just a lovely turkey day with special guest ~ my dad! We are still full. More photos to come.

Make Something Every Day

Xmas potluck times


The potluck Xmas season is officially open. Starting at work (for those of us that haven’t already done five daycare ones, Aren!) this week was the potluck for our mens group & their families. It consisted of all the lovely cheese and bread and fried foods and sugar goodies, that I don’t currently eat or bake.
So this year, I made what I do best. Dogbones. I stood at the door as they filed out and handed out ziplocs of organic turkey & carrot dogbones cut into candy canes, gingerbread men & stars. And yes Corey, I had a few cubes of cheese and a chicken wing!


Happy Johnny Cash Day from the team

Happy Johnny Cash Day from the team, on an indoor recess kind of stormy day. The woodstove is blazing and the ocean is super choppy with fog. Loons crying out front. Stay warm everyone! And MAKE SOMETHING EVERYDAY!