Crotchless pants, not my fault


I take no credit for my husband’s current crotchless pants. I just fix them. Sewing was the order of the craftroom today. 4 repairs to pants, a dress, my first crack at darning (hole in my fav Hand knit green & blue stripped socks ~ as I refuse to wear slippers ~ but that’s a different story), replaced a skirt zipper & refilled a bunch of bobbins ~ once I messed 2 up, I got the hang of it. Friday crafternoon wine in the background was my little helper.
Make Something Every Day


more Mexico wedding shots.. in addition to the 50 on FBK…

luchador (spell?) masks

Here’s some wedding photos, in addition to the facebook ones I posted last week ~ from Mexico by the professional photog PUO Photography.  I’ve got 250 professional shots, 80 from the Alberta reception and another 400 from mexico from friends. Facebook takes too long and this  website has a limit, so email if you want more! I’ll make copies available etc to those that want them and publish a book or two that Aren started for us…



Marissa finished her New Dress a Day website project! It was the first BLOG I read consistently this year and it was a HUGE success. SO many inspiring thrift store dresses made into beautiful frocks. Here’s a snapshot of before and afters.

NEW DRESS A DAY click here


chocolate covered bacon.

Since returning to the coast.. love you Jackie and Aren and husbands…I have taken some razing recently from old friends, regarding my new found love of MEAT!

Today’s Dress A Day post hit it out of the park with not only an awesome dress upcycle but she attended a party with a chocolate fountain and posted photos of chocolate covered bacon. c’moooon! fantastic idea.

check out her site if you haven’t, it’s very inspirational for lovers of thrift dresses.

then I found this: