The Big Spring

The Big Year. This was a corny movie about birders but it had some whimsey and motivated me to photograph more of the wildlife in my yard. The eagle photo essay is from Rebecca Spit Provincial Park the same day. I haven’t taken so many eagle photos since living on the Gwaii. I’m enjoying my “old” SLR these days.

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Day 3 of the new feeder up & I have hummingbirds! I haven’t caught them on film just yet. stay tuned. lol. I hung a wild bird seed feeder low on a sliding door to torment my cats. It’s working. Yeah me. I’ve placed daffodils from my yard in each of my therapy offices & in busy rooms in our house. Now the tulips and lilacs are up. Double yeah!

Have you checked out     hornby island eagles live web cam and chat click here.

Make Something Every Day

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beading eagle feathers

I  love beading and beading eagle feathers is a lovely thing to do. I haven’t done it in years but since moving to Quadra and living near the beach, I am one again with the eagles. I recall the hardest part of the cylinder bead style is starting the feather. Then it flows really quickly with one bead at a time, a lovely art therapy metaphor. After a quick google I am reminded to wrap and glue a piece of thin hyde to  the base of the feather before beading. Right! Here we have photos of a quick practice on what I’d like to say is an eagle feather but is more than likely a sea gull feather.  It  came to me during my beach hike, while Corey was diving for Dinner (puget  king crab see last weeks’ entry). The only safe place to store an eagle feather when you have two curious cats is in the kitchen cupboards or now, my underwear drawer, thanks Corey.

Don’t forget to check out the close up live video camera of the eagles taking turns sitting on the one egg in the nest at Hornby island at

The eagles are for sure back in the hood, having seen them mating last week (upsettingly cool) and we keep the windows open, even in storms to hear them squealing all day. Here’s a few recent shots taken from either my bedroom window or the deck. enjoy.













live video of bald eagles!

It’s that time of the year again and I always LOVE to watch the eaglets be born. Does anyone see any eggs yet?  It happens in the spring…I think they have just returned to the nest. Did you know eagles mate for life (unless one dies) and take turns sitting on the eggs? That’s what I’m talking about. Turn up your volume and I recommend full screen if you want to drive your pets nuts. thanks Kate for the annual reminder!

click here to watch LIVE bald eagle video !



169 ORCA whale photos!

My MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY today was 169 whale photos. I took a few from our hot tub, a few while hanging clothes on the line… I won’t bore with you with too many but you get the idea:

orange whale watching tour boats with tourists in orange survival suits is a good sign to grab the camera!

Today I heard the boat, not the blow holes, first. The boat is pointing towards the house so I run for camera and my gumboots. In my fantastic house outfit.. I storm the beach.

Also storming the beach are Gortex, hip sack wearing, non-English speaking, European tourists – crossing OUR lawn! We are all very excited, waving our arms, me half naked. lol. My neighbour downstairs slept through the whole thing, including me yelling his name, Amos barking at me yelling and pounding on his door.

There were 3 orcas at first for about 10 minutes. Longest they have hung out in one place – mind you there were  about 10 scotchmen bobbing out there, over crab and orawn traps. Salmon have been jumping here for a month or so.  Then they swam south to the trail at the end of our street and joined 3 others.

Hello orca friends. I love you.

super noisy smashing about!


of course, the whales at engagement rocks

Hope you enjoyed my share. Commentswelcomed. Now, I’m off to work!



I’ve been lovng watching the Hancock Sidney Eagle Nest Streaming Camera.  I guess two eggs were delivered and a raven stole one. Those naughty ravens! So one egg hatched and Kate let me know. I’m on the couch today and I can’t take my eyes off this adorable little creature!

enjoy (many more BLOG entries to come – Corey has been home and I prefer making out than computer time then)

click on this to see LIVE baby eagle in the nest in Sidney, BC.

the eagle

It’s because I’m sitting too close isn’t it?
6 sets of eagle thighs vs. one of mine. I’ve been working out but I’m pretty sure an eagle could take me out. It also occurs to me that I could have left the dead fish heads at low tide.
The tide coming in is just washing dead fish heads closer to me.
What I do to get the right shot. I’m doing my part to further domesticate the endangered balde eagle of northern coastal British Columbia. wink.
Heading into hour two of Fish Head Eagle Photo Shoot and still no fantastic shot. The wind is SE today at 40 km, they are not landing and I’m getting cold.
I want “the” shot. Not just another overdigitized, cropped in, then over digitized eagle shot, on macro with a 320mm zoom lens.
Here’s a slideshow with a few that I like. *enjoy*

Great Blue Heron vs. Balde Eagle

Well it was actually eagle vs. eagle the other day, in the driveway,  when I started yelling “They’re mating! They’re mating!” Corey has got some serious laugh leverage off that day. Man that was loud and violent. Damn foodchain.

Anyway-I’m typing this entry from the lanai as the sun sets on a breezy but sunny Monday. Temperature today 10 degrees. We don’t get the actual  sunset here but we do get the after pink glow and that’s niiiice.  Yesterday it rained so hard your underwear would be soaked getting to the car. The day before? Full sun and 13 degrees. LOVE Spring times.

There is in fact, a massive great blue heron on the ocean edge, feeding on the oyster bed.

I’m working on a balde eagle slideshow tonight. What are other 36 year old Canadian womyn doing today, eh?  This poses several technological issues and I am home without supervision, for the week. That’s polite code for  “my hunky nerd is in camp”. iPhoto lets me create the slideshow fairly easy tho I had issues adding music to the Hukilau slideshow (click on LINK) as there was no “option to repeat song”. So the awesome Hukilau song only lasted 2 of 6 minutes.  Then I export it to Youtube (if it meets their specks & has no nudity.. cough) and that can take an entire day now. It’s soo busy! Then often, the wordpress blog post won’t allow me to use this or that file type.

So fingers crossed, wish me luck. *she glugs her wine*