It’s my job to marinate the Sockeye Salmon


And marinate I did. It’s a foggy day at Alder Bay (across from Alert Bay on Bc’s north Vancouver Island coast ~ also around the corner from Telegraph Cove ~ for those google mapping). My sweety went to do a scuba job in Port McNeill for the afternoon and I’m chillin by the fire, watching fishing boats come in. After my blueberry snack I’m heading out with my trusty slr camera. I’m bringing my biggest member because size counts when photographing eagles & the whales, that I’m most certain are waiting for me. Smerk* Other excitement today was the lady that ran from from site to site inviting us to the dock. “In 10 mins the Stanley Cup is being helicoptered over”. I’m guessing the winning team had a player from Port McNeil (name lost on this artist already…). Proud Canadians jumped and waved in the 2 secs it took to fly by. I was at least hoping it would be dangling below it? Non.

Back to our dinner. Actually bought this fish in CR the other day while visiting the fishing dock with my sweet dad. I just did the simple BC BBQ marinade: deboned her, split her open, fresh lemon squeezed and sliced, some chives, some fresh dill. Tin foiled her up, zip locked her to be “cooler safe” & laid her on a bed of ice til the chef gets home. I’m guessing hibachi bbq’d not campfire. What are you having for dinner?

PS. This blog was photographed & submitted entirely on my iPhone by the campfire. We can’t even get cel coverage at home! Yeah!
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The Big Spring

The Big Year. This was a corny movie about birders but it had some whimsey and motivated me to photograph more of the wildlife in my yard. The eagle photo essay is from Rebecca Spit Provincial Park the same day. I haven’t taken so many eagle photos since living on the Gwaii. I’m enjoying my “old” SLR these days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 3 of the new feeder up & I have hummingbirds! I haven’t caught them on film just yet. stay tuned. lol. I hung a wild bird seed feeder low on a sliding door to torment my cats. It’s working. Yeah me. I’ve placed daffodils from my yard in each of my therapy offices & in busy rooms in our house. Now the tulips and lilacs are up. Double yeah!

Have you checked out     hornby island eagles live web cam and chat click here.

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the pleasures of peyote

Even after my weekly grounding tradition of watering all the plants (last week’s grounding was more like repotting 7 plants before seeing clients to ensure I wasn’t still upset), I find myself with a couple extra free hours in the therapy office today. Yes Kate and C that was a long run on sentence. I am labeling and filing and purging art pieces. In that process I rediscovered an unfinished beaded eagle feather. Ah, the pleasures of the peyote stitch. This must be how knitters feel. Don’t you just want to put the next bead on? You can see where it might go… and so on and so on and soooo….. I bead until the next client arrives. Yeah me, i love my job.

I’ve had a few responses from a previous post on beading eagle feathers.  Learning from another person (traditional forms ideally) is best but here’s some instructional on peyote. This man’s pattern is totally inspiring and perhaps beyond my present skills. 


It gets a tad more complicated to wrap it around the feather. As you can see in the video, gluing hyde on first helps so the beads don’t slip off. I swear the first two rows are the hardest – it takes as much time to measure out and perfect the first 2 rows as it does to complete the project. I’ll post this project when it’s complete.

Here’s a ton of patterns of things to make using the peyote stitch click here for patterns 

the scale of the feathers - they are huge!

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Never tired of eagles


An hour and a half wait today to put the car on the ferry at Q-Cove… Again! Sigh.

Corey had to walk on or he’d be late for work so I chilled (tried not to steam, actually) in the parking lot with my iPhone camera.
This photo is actually just one eagle. Sometimes the delay on the HD works for me!
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D is for Dolphins and B is for Bear!

It was take your wife to work weekend. My husband (wow, that’s still crazy to say in month 5) has been pretty busy this summer so if I want to see him, I thought I’d tag along to his work. His Port MacNeil employer is very kind and offered for me to boat with them to a remote, helicopter fly-in fishing resort called Nimmo Bay. On BC map- east of top of Vancouver Island, actually on mainland but boat or flight access only.
We also stopped in Sullivan Bay ~ a ritzy float cabin community of retired yachters.

I was promised whales but it was too early in the season (though I looked non-stop). I got to be Jen-geographic and here’s a sampling of the 448 photos I took:

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hello Spring, we love you.

I saw two eagles make the love this week. It was loud and violent and awesome.

SPRING! At last. Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying SPRING in it’s official capacity! Living in the wilds, here on Quadra, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing several of the tell tale signs. Late last night, Corey took me out on the deck, in our after-bath robes and smooched me under that huge full moon. Apparently the biggest one of the year and the biggest tides of the year. He also had me stop talking and listen to the new sound of the tree frogs! I was sure it was a siren of some sort as they were sooo loud!  It’s as if they and 3 more species of birds sprung to life in our yard, in one day. I was starting to wonder if my wild bird seed and black sunflower were going to mold due to rain. The daffodils are a foot high, sprinkled all over the gardens. So we spent all day yesterday raking pine cones, needles and other stuff off paths and I cleaned out all the garden beds. I pulled out my fav piece of patio furniture (wicker IKEA lounger Craigslist score), just in time for it to start raining again tonight! Corey even rode his bike to the ferry this morning!

ps. my dad says the Hornby eagle live web cam nest has an eagle EGG laid in it now. check it out at


VLOG blog techno fog

So apparently.. it’s like BLOG but it’s a video! Kids are so hip these days. Here’s a wee vid I took last week from the deck pour mon daddsy!

(I can’t seem to figure out how to post a video on here without posting it to youtube first)…(and video from Corey’s camera is HUGE so I have tons of small videos to figure out the tech part to.. stay tuned fellow VLOGGERS).

P.S. Dad- I’m wearing a strapless sundress, before you comment on that.


I’ve been lovng watching the Hancock Sidney Eagle Nest Streaming Camera.  I guess two eggs were delivered and a raven stole one. Those naughty ravens! So one egg hatched and Kate let me know. I’m on the couch today and I can’t take my eyes off this adorable little creature!

enjoy (many more BLOG entries to come – Corey has been home and I prefer making out than computer time then)

click on this to see LIVE baby eagle in the nest in Sidney, BC.

Am I really going to pull the skull off a decaying sea lion’s body?

As I approach this mammoth beast on the beach, I am thinking to myself… I know it’s here, it’s been here for weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the one on the Kay Dubois Trail that I screamed when I stumbled upon beachcombing over 2 months ago.. or is it a new one? Is this a sign that the world is ending? I need less alone time, I think. Damn I hate to love nature. Months ago, I asked my neighbour and she said that no one locally cares, no one studies them but to call in a 1800 number for stats purposes. The gov’t have bigger oceans issues than dead animals. sigh***

Here I am, out front of Ted’s awesome cabin, photographing stuff. Ted is another story / character in himself. I had every intention of harvesting it. As I approach the beauty this sunny morning, I am confronted like a brick wall with consciousness ~~~thoughts of my friend that has passed on and was buried this week. CANCER F’N SUCKS. (I would have spelled it out, but my dad reads this).  She was just laid to rest and I was quite upset this week ~ am I really so savage? Why do I want the skull so badly?

And just as my consciousness kicked in.. I GASPED out loud! There on the rocky shore between me and the sea lion is an EAGLE FEATHER. The very first one that has come to me, since moving to Quadra over 6 months ago. Has it been that long? Cool.

When is the last time you were alone and gasped out loud? Twice for me this week. Three times if you include the 2 dead mice in Amos’ outdoor water pot, yesterday.  The feather is soo lovely. Instead of harvesting this beast, I photograph it and my new eagle feather.  Blessings and light to you H.

The skull is the size of my forearm. And it’s *attached* to the SUPER smelly body. I’ve spared you all photos that I took of the actual carcass. It that has been the source of dinner for dozens of neighbourhood eagles. Even from this former vegetarian author… it is pretty cool to see such a real & raw thing. It’s gorgeous in its own way.

Who has stories or facts about sea lions they’d like to share?

Am I really going to pull the skull off a decaying sea lion’s body? Not today, but maybe in a month or so when it washes up in front of our house and I have to convince Amos not to roll in it.  What would you do? Comments & compliments encouraged.

~In the company of MANY bald eagles

I write this entry,

~mermaid Jen