Chocolate covered strawberries


Last night I made chocolate covered strawberries for my love. Just cause I could! I used an ikea dark chocolate bar that I had in the freezer, strawberries & skim milk – tho I think you’re supposed to used canned milk. Gentle, constant stirring & dip! Delicious summer’s eve snack for my sweety, who has been very good to me lately. Xo chicken.
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Topsy turvy experiment


As seen on TV.. Oh boy! While picking up more self-hardening craft clay, I spotted the upside down plant growers for $2 bucks, at the dollar store the other day. I thought what the heck! I’ve got spare dirt @ home left over from my Easter banana tree & can get tomatoe seedlings cheap on island (our q-cove nursery is one of the only good businesses here). So that’s what I did today. Even tho I’ve been wearing flips for 2 weeks, I was lectured to keep them hung indoors for another couple of weeks. They will get hung outdoors in the deer proofed garden, shown in the background in 2nd plant photo. They were idiot proof to set up but SUPER heavy! I thought I filled them but after initial soaking, I need to fill them again later. Here’s day one photos of the experiment:



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how to peel an egg with fake nails

In an attempt to make smoked salmon deviled eggs (with feta and dill and lemon and capers),  I realized that my fancy new gel nails were not an asset. I made a delicious filling though. Lucky for me I always over estimate how much to make when I am creating, so i had a leftover bowl of goodness. I made such a bumbling mess of the whites with my nails that i thought I’d be brilliant & put them in the freezer to harden up a bit, before inserting the filling. Bad move. The sun was out, I got distracted and you can imagine the rest. I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to freeze egg whites. I filled them anyway but the sampler was a mushy mess. I’m afraid my deviled art, as seen above ~was the best thing I made today. *laughing. At least it was Culture Club day over on record blog. winks*

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Easter therapy



We had a lovely Easter weekend. My sweetness was actually home for one day so we packed in our celebrations between much gardening, storm tree removal which lead to a 2 day bonfire & weeny roast. Day 2 included SUN! That’s what I said.. Sun! I worked on my record blog, made a few things I’ll post tomorrow & loved up our aged dog.

I created an annual easter egg hunt for my husband. I even wore the ears & tail but I was sworn to “no blog photos of this, okay?”. Easter treat for me (as I’m behaving with no sugar or dairy or flour) was a Costco score! A Japanese Banana tree for 19.99! She came with 5 extra shoots in the pot so I spent time this weekend repotting them to take to my 2 therapy offices. Sooo good to be outside, heh?


speaking of gardening (& me daydreaming of a city place with a garden space next…) isn’t this cool?


I hope the bunny brought you every bit of chocolate you deserve!
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