the baby robin eggs ~ daily photography of the hatching process

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This was a very fun photo experiment. I held up my iphone every day to the nest and took photos or videos. Videos are on youtube & will be published here soon. The nest was discovered on my craftroom porch end of April and now we have baby robins! I posted then about info on bird eggs hatching as I knew nothing about it. I think it takes 14 days to hatch an egg and 14 days til they take flight after hatching!

Best part? screaming out loud when 3 little heads popped up to great my phone, one morning! 

DISCLAIMER: no baby birds or nest were touched / harmed during this photo shoot. 

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What? Make bread in a crockpot?



Today was a low fi house day, humid with relatively no sun. As good a day as any for some crockpot experiments. Using my trusty crockpot book, I found a cornbread bean recipe. What? Make bread in a crockpot? For goodness sakes, I don’t even know how to make it in the oven. I substituted taco seasoned ground beef for the base (instead of the bean recipe it called for). Cooked the meaty underbits first, put them in the crockpot, covered with the cornbread mixture and set for High at 2 hours.
Results? Well I’ll be. We thought it tasted great. “a corny twist on shepherds pie ~ beefy & good” is the review from my audience.
It was a bit dry so my sweety added some of what i call my “fail salsa” from last year. If I made it again I’d double the taco seasoning in the meat, add shredded cheddar between the layers and on top and some more red sauce.
Make Something Every Day