20121027-205521.jpg Today I made Russian style Borscht! I finished by giant bag of Coombs market BC beets. It was good but not great. After feedback, I experimented with extras… And now it is good, ya! I also put it all in the blender before ziploc freezing. Yum, hello fall, I admit you are here by opening my soup making season. Please comment if you’d like the recipe.
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Adventures of the Beachcombers


20111128-101709.jpg Late fall après le crazy storms beachcombing season has returned! We have had SUCH intense power outage for 2 days winds & indescribable rains ~ that we have been getting cabin fever. Especially our 13 yr old dane cross. Seriously, I missed a day of work last week, because the ferry off our island wasn’t even running. We had friends who were hunting on island, stay overnight after waiting 6 hours in the stormy ferry parking lot! The second the rain stopped, we marched the giant puppy to the ocean.

20111128-102307.jpg The lighting was lovely, the driftwood plentiful.

20111128-102412.jpg The red cedar looks like it’s bleeding.

20111128-102512.jpg The beachcombers were back at it!


20111128-102605.jpg And what did we find today?

20111128-115103.jpg stay tuned for more beachcombing adventures & art projects this fall / winter!

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Trick or treat

20111031-214339.jpg Yum! Pumpkin seeds were roasted then broiled tonight with butter and seasoning salt. As if we were hungry after a day of cooking Thanksgiving #2!? C & I whipped up a turkey, apple & cashew stuffing and mashed potatoes, between shifts of Maple leaf raking (uggggg) & bonfiring them.
We didn’t get a single trick or treater but we were prepared with candy, rented a horror movie, had a huge fire & set up our carvings at the end of the long rural drive way. Yeah us.


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another fall afternoon of colour & sunshine

The return of the sun makes it so easy to take great photos (if I DO honk my horn). HONK HONK. All photos taken on iPhone with either Hipstamatic app or dynamic light. All photos can be saved / enlarged by clicking on them. As the sun sets tonight, I am heading into my craftroom to finish the great unpack! My husband is away for the night and next day so it’s CRAFTERNOONing for me! Stay tuned…

we are developing a serious relationship with this giant Maple tree that our retreat is located under. Hello leaf raking in another week.

flowers picked for the bathroom

sunflowers picked for the kitchen & rose hips for tea

my husband enjoyed the hammock, with his coffee, this morning.

the new fall do

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Dusting off the hi fi for fall tunage


This weeks creative craigslist score for ten bucks? Approx 400 records! My husband was agasp when he opened our trunk ~seeing as we just started to pack for our end of the month move! He helped me narrow them down to 2 boxes to keep & I Sally-Anned the rest (& a car load of other donations), the next day. It looks like it’s a former Comox Radio / library collection, as there are cue cards taped to some with crib notes very cool. Then, I spent an afternoon in the sun cleaning and packing records. We are going to have an amazing fall of music!
I think I’ll do a fall series of lp cover art blogs & of course, lp reviews. We got some wacky & really classic stuff.
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