~~~seeing red~~~

okay so Wednesday was not my fav day ever. When asked the question “what would you take out of your house if it was on fire”? my answers would be Corey, Amos, Salal, Estevan and Enid…..

After two days of seriously bad storms.. here’s how I found Enid, my lovely cedar strip canoe. This was  Wednesday, which was a ~ snowed in, had to cancel all my clients, no ferries running & my husband trapped up north in camp for a couple MORE days,  kind of day.

Luckily some men from work “know a guy” on Quadra to help refinish her. Sigh. Oh Enid. 3 days of storms involving every weather system imaginable. Burning lots of wood and getting some paperwork done today with fingers crossed that my husband will ever appear at this end of the island.

In other riveting news ~ I completed the http://www.thing-a-day.com challenge, over on their BLOG, since being home from our wedding. It was fun to make something everyday, often times taking me more time to post the stuff than do it. So I’m going to try to find a balance with the art and continue making something every day.

Hope you’ll join me.

painted the trunk/ coffee table as we can't seem to get off island to get a new one!

gave the sign some red too! (leaning into my rage) lol