Snapper snowflakes… for dogs

That’s right.. another excuse to make dogbones for my dog…  Xmas party season.

Last Xmas my practice co-horts raved about the dogbones I baked and gave out at potlucks. So this year when asked, it was easy to oblige, as every day with our aged pup is a chance to spoil him. He was such a big helper standing over me in the kitchen for 2 hours! Here’s something that I learned that made my life much easier. The last time I made turkey dogbones (see previous blog entries) I froze three big balls of batter in ziplocs. I simply opened the wedding freezers and found 4 balls ~2 were the snapper  and 2 were turkey. I thawed, rolled, cookie cut & baked them up in no time. The snapper recipe was a little lack luster so I added peanut butter and garlic salt. Sounds gross but dogs love the ingredients.   

This year I went the silly extra step of putting them in little santa bags with bows. And yes, Amos taste tested each batch and got all the ends, saved in a jar on the counter (which already requires refilling).

Happy Christmas to the mutts that make us so happy all year. 

Make Something Every Day

Smoked salmon swirly bits


Check out this video on YouTube:

Smoked salmon & cream cheese swirly bits appetizer. See the youtube video for the how to. Ingredients: supposed to be lox but I used thai salmon, light herb & garlic cream cheese, sun dried tomatoe pesto, dill & corn tortillas. Took 2 mins prep & 10 mins in fridge before slicing rolls and serving. Delicious.

Make Something Every Day

making good food

We are on week three (I hope) of 12 weeks of the p90x meal plan and exersize program. While a scheduling nightmare to workout and eat full healthy meals every day, it feels good. The week before we started we made a second round of TARTS from my tart recipe book. We made Spinach, pine nut and feta tarts and another batch of thai smoked salmon tarts and an awesome vegetable big tart. All were amazing. Corey makes a lovely crust. Then there has been a series of turkey jerky (made it again last week as Corey loves to throw a bird in the oven every couple weeks) and soups. My asparagus soup and my speghetti squash soup were delicious.


dirty girl in torrential rain

Just checking in with my coffee.

Thoughts on, after AV Captain helped me learn a few skills. WORDPRESS has ONE font.. this font. (actually I have BOLDED it for “fun”). You can get one other font for free. All video has to be youtube posted / friendly to be a compatible upload for this blog. BOOO. Tech friends??? Suggestions please…. maybe I should have gone with ?

YES, it’s gob on his forehead.

Back to the beach /// All beachcombing efforts will be ceased for the day as some SERIOUS and I mean SERIOUS rains are falling. Like SUPA-loud-thick-sheet rain. The positive? It’s falling straight down with no wind and about 8 degrees. Still had to put foot to Amos’ butt to get him off his chais lounge to go pee this am. The PUMP fixer gentlemen are out front in full WETCOAST gear, pulling the Well pump out ~~which hopefully means a shower for this author, after three days.~~

Oh… I spoke to soon. The rain IS sideways. I just brought in all the wood from the covered deck, which will last til Corey gets home next Monday. Note to self- don’t peel a BAG of garlic for roasting when you can’t wash your hands after.

Stoking my woodstove and stirring the Squash soup on it,

~more mermaid