Obama commute photograph

Today’s commute photo is of my dads cool ocean front condo. (also the tulip one downtown campbell river). In the foreground is my Obama surfer dude, car, bobble head. Yes, he does have dried gum on his head.
I was considering taking it off my dash, over his lack of enviro concern – specifically oil money and war…. But last week I was so proud of him for risking his re-election by being the first president to ever go on record in favor of gay marriage. Unless you live under a rock, you heard about this announcement. I couldn’t resist reposting the other photos! 20120514-161809.jpg



Make Something Every Day

take charge of your own life and decisions

More helpful messages that have come my way this week…

recent fortune cookie

how we role on Quadra. Killed with kindness..and paying for parking at the ferry? no way.

thefollowing are from a feminist page called A GIRLS GUIDE TO TAKING OVER THE WORLD ON FACEBOOK 


Make Something Every Day