Happy Gobble Gobble Johnny Cash Day!

Last night we had a WICKED first of the storm season storm! Though we didn’t lose power.. we did lose some patio furniture and the hot tub lid. Sad to report Corey – the jack o lanterns all got eaten when Glen mowed the lawn and didn’t put my fish netting back up. Growl. But I have recovered all missing furnishings.. less the Canadian flag. I woke to complete sunshine, not a whiffft of wind out there and the cry of the eagles. The eagles took off for salmon season but have returned to share in my winter beach combing pleasures. Though it’s so super high tide with 3x the driftwood, there is no beach to access until after coffee times*, anyway.

Today I am on a mission to hit up Walmart (save the applause or boo’ing) for packing / moving supplies ie. rubbermaids and packing tape. Currently, there seems to be a life milestone happening every two weeks.. and starting tomorrow.. we are moving! Just up the beach on Quadra..details and decor adventures to be blogged, not to worry it’s pretty awesome too. Same phone, same PO box, folks. But before I embark on that mission… I’m lucky to be adopted into Knudsen family Thanksgiving dinner in CR. gobble gobble.

Don’t forget to listen to some Johnny Cash this morning..and MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY.

the cruise "ferry" over to Campbell River

…to eat some gobble gobble and to play with THESE guys!

stock summer photo of the adorable team Knudsen.