10 000 & counting

Holy! Checking back into BLOG land after our cross country road trip ~was a pleasant surprise. There are over 10 000 hits on the site! And they can’t all be my dad because he was on the trip with us & isn’t online yet (we moved him from Ontario to BC!). thanks everyone for reading, subscribing and commenting!! I’m always open to suggestions to make it more interactive!? Xo.
I’m Also back to work, which gets very busy fall / winter. Without advertising I’m doing okay but here’s my work web which I plan to update this fall with a fresher marketing campaign. I’d like it to be more creative & friendly. Suggestions without huge cost? click here to see where I work
I made this last week for Corey, in a session with a kid! I got to talk Harry Potter & say “like” about a hundred times & get paid for it!

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