Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone?

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly uses the phrase “the mean reds” to describe her generalised anxiety:

Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds?
Paul Varjak: The mean reds. You mean like the blues?
Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you’re getting fat, and maybe it’s been raining too long. You’re just sad, that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid, and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?

I’ve been off the blog (& got back logged on my record a day blog) because we’ve been off line ~cruising around this wonderful province. The heat is here and we’ve got to get out while it lasts. Thats was one wet and long winter and spring, heh? Here’s a few snaps I took in Vancouver a couple weekends ago, while out playing. We saw Wimbledon Finals on the huge screen in 3D (thrilling and an new annual event for sure! federer is #1 again. All is well in the world), saw Spider-man in 3D (save your money ~it was medium at best), ate out,  ordered in (until you live remotely you never know how thrilling Thai food delivered to your door at odd hours is), shopped on Robson, slept like a king and queen in my in-laws incredible condo, had a Lee Vally and an Ikea visit (duh) and other fun stuff too. I love Vancouver. And I love my husband. All photos taken on my iphone, most while hanging out the car window. Some are from the Vancouver China Town summer night market. Can you spot my handsome husband in one of these photos?


Make Something Every Day

Chocolate covered strawberries


Last night I made chocolate covered strawberries for my love. Just cause I could! I used an ikea dark chocolate bar that I had in the freezer, strawberries & skim milk – tho I think you’re supposed to used canned milk. Gentle, constant stirring & dip! Delicious summer’s eve snack for my sweety, who has been very good to me lately. Xo chicken.
Make Something Every Day

Just like I did when I was 3 years old & even more fun at 38 years old.

camping on Vancouver Island, BC. Exactly between the West Coast Trail and the Juan De Fuca Trail.                May 2012.

photo kinda crappy, sorry

Steps to make your very own shells in a  glass vase,  vases ( for your work side table or a table centre piece etc)

  1. Have your fantastic husband take you away on a “real” west coast camping adventure. Ours was all down the Juan Da Fuca trail, last week. Camping trip details to be blogged after I get back to work.
  2. Spend hours in the sun and mist just flipping over sea shells. Just like I did when I was 3 years old and even more fun at 38 years old.
  3. Sit by the campfire at night with some water and clean the ass smell or possible live mini carbs and sand off of your gems. Seal in safe storage for journey home. Just like I did when I was 3 years old and even more fun at 38 years old.
  4. Get that same adorable husband from step 1 to take you to Ikea on the way home.
  5. Purchase the three glass vases for under ten bucks deal as shown above.
  6. When you are home, alone, in the rain, by the woodstove~ assemble your shells lovingly into whimsical shell vases.
  7. Take them to work so when your clients are talking you are also daydreaming of flipping shells on a ” real” west coast beach.. in the sun.. with your super fun husband.
Make Something Every Day

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Recurring Ikea dreams


Here I am once again. Am I dreaming!? Non. I’m standing in front of the newest Ikea in north America, in Richmond, BC. 6 mins from the Van airport. They constructed a brand new one on the lot of the old one – which was half demolished and looked more like an Ikea terrible anxiety nightmare I might have had.

I have a mitt full of recurring dreams. A fav is the “I think I live in a city big enough that there’s an ikea but small enough that I can walk there when I’m upset” dream. It’s true. I have someone walking with me & I eventually let them know I’m going, they can join me, a magical blue oversized plastic ikea shopping bag appears on my arm and off I go. I see the outside of the simply gorgeous blue building but never go in. I just know it’s there. And there’s bushes all around it.

We are a shameless Hemnes family. I won’t dress each room in my eventual dream home page by page but you’re lying if you don’t admit the green mammot furniture doesn’t make your ovaries burn. Or is that just me, seriously? Lol.

End of April, the new Richmond store opened and is massive. It didn’t serve alcohol & there was no pet section. Otherwise same ‘ol. I’ll stick to the one near my in laws in new Westminster, thank-you. And yes, even with an suv full of camping stuff from 4 days of wilderness, we managed to squeeze in a few tea lights & other small retail therapy items. My husband and my recurring dreams rock.

Ps. I swear our thing a day for 30 days in May purge x 2 post ~will be awesome when I get home Sunday! 3 more days in Van & I’m hoping to thrift, get more vintage records for my record blog, score cheap art supplies/ craft inspirations.
Make Something Every Day

We are a Hemnes Family. So shoot me.


(sigh, head tilted to side). I love my growing record collection. Today’s “make” was accessorized by a glass of Coppermoon cab sav & Xmas cheer! We got our Xmas tree today (no incriminating details will be shared of that adventure…) & cooked a Turkey, maple-butter style. We got an awesome amount of leftovers, dog treats & stock to freeze, from it.

20111204-211130.jpg Between basteings & hot tub dips, I… organized my record collection! I know, exciting right?
I’m gearing up for my new vinyl a day BLOG & needed to make some sense of order. Next step will be the tech department teaching me about USB vinyl uploading, how to post audio tracks on wordpress & choosing a new blog name & theme. I labelled sections, found covers for strays & loved up my Ikea shelf! We are a Hemnes Family. So shoot me. Lol.

Make Something Every Day

The Hemnes family

Another successful Ikea trip to port coquitlam! It wouldn’t be a trip to the city if we didn’t eat at amazing restaurants and strap something to the roof! Corey got Fluevogs! I got some gems at true value vintage & Corey commissioned a new bracelet for me @ the Wikinninish gallery, as the ocean took mine in Mexico! I’m so lucky. We ate at Mcd’s (i know right? Lol), Malaysian at Banana Leaf, had fresh croissant, an Indian lunch buffet on Robson, treats at Granville Island market, dinner on the ocean in Cole Harbour (salmon), lovely desserts and wine and a famous Drummond breakfast. Honourable mention to white-spot sweat potatoes fries on the ferry… Laughing.
Signature Swedish meatball & mac n cheese (awesome though not as good as Kate’s) was enjoyed! This time at my fav store, we chose wisely and used gift certificates to bring home a Hemnes wood book shelf. Our first one. Who knew nesting could be so fun!? Of course it monsoon rained then tornado’ed for our drive home and really wavy ferry crossing! Great visit with Corey’s family & city spoiled again. It’s always a bonding experience to put together ikea furnishings.
Make Something Every Day!




how to make an IKEA raincoat


You KNOW I love IKEA! And you know it’s storming crazy here.. today and for the next 8 months! Those of us that admit our love for IKEA admit we’ve got these blue bags floating around with camping  gear stored in them, in our SUV’s or we use them as laundry bags.

What do you do with yours? Check this out ~ from over at