she said “weineer”. Cocktail weineer, that is. (or) I know how to spell weineer.

38 Inspiring Objects

3. Cocktail napkins.

I’ve managed a collection of these over the years, mostly as gifts. They decorate any occasion with the just the right amount of cheek. Here are a few that currently sit in our antique bar wardrobe..

Make Something Every Day

*** 38 inspiring objects ***

In several ways throughout this year, I am going to embrace being 38 yrs old. One of which will be by adding a new category to my BLOG entitled…. “38 inspiring objects” (the list will grow weekly & be posted under “categories” running down the right side of this blog).

Once a week I will post a photo & explanation of an object around our retreat, my studio, my art therapy offices, my life ~ that inspires my creativity. It may be a painting, a favorite art supply, a gift received, something from my childhood or current art medium. Hope you are inspired and give feedback positive or otherwise!    Either way…

Here’s number 1 of “38 inspiring objects.”

1. Alps oil painting.

To some, this may look like another thrift store $9.99 oil painting of the Alps. True, it IS the Alps but it’s worth a tad more -both personally and monetarily. I inherited this painting from my late Nana. It hug above her couch for my entire childhood and most of my Dad’s. It’s now hanging proudly in our pad. It came with an appraisal for quite a bit ~but in the relocating it from Ontario to BC recently, it got lost. Therefore I have no clue who painted it but I do know it’s late 1800s. The artist signed it but it’s almost impossible to decipher his signature. Can you? (double click images to enlarge or save). I’ve been googling it to no avail for weeks. ANY SUGGESTIONS how to find the artist? Please comment if so (ie. Matriarch?). Lucky for me, my husband likes it. I find it comforting, warm, with memories of my Nana very present daily.  It’s a perfect choice for a  fall inspiration. It inspires me to oil paint – but not scenery. Never scenery. And you?

Make Something Every Day

a collection a day.. how does she do it?

I’m inspired by other people attempting to do any “something every day”. If you recall I was part of the Feb make a thon & I also followed Marissa over at New Dress a every day last year while she made a new dress out of almost free or free thrift store dresses. The traffic on her blog and the interactive comments got her several TV appearences in LA and a book dea, which i think comes out soon! Congrats M. Her website is now altered to making dresses from things other people mail her and highlighting others stuff to copycat make. Very inspiring and her site is listed down the side of my BLOG. This week’s BLOG find to check out is  ~This womyn has created a collection a day and posted some on her BLOG. She also has just published a book. cool. What inspires you? 

Make Something Every Day 

The inspiration book

Today’s posting is brought to you from the car deck of the ferry. Sunny & gorgeous day to head to Courtenay for 2 work going away lunches. Nudge- which means more room for clients in my practice.

This inspiration book is a HUGE older journal that I’ve used for 10 years +. Its super heavy. Kitten is in the photo for scaling purposes but comes free with art purchase. I cut n paste mag / book / art card images and print colour photos from a huge folder of online art thumbnails that I collect over time. Sketches & ideas for projects!
(update on wordpress iPhone app= great, other than no edit photo option to rotate! Or I haven’t found it).