she’s got good eggs

Well someone’s been making a little something, haven’t they? These beauties are in a nest on the craft-room porch. Spotted today April 28, 2012 ~ I will keep a close watch on them and report back! Birds have been a big feature of my Spring on Quadra, as we have no cable. lol. I’m stoked to watch these hatch! From the hot tub, we spotted the momma heading into the nest.  And last night, I was prompted by my friend Berry on Haida Gwaii (via FBK) to buy the Audobon APP for $1 (usually $20 usually) as it was John Audobon’s birthday yesterday. I added it from iTunes and fell asleep learning that Robin’s are in the thrush family. Then today I spy Robin eggs!  In the hot tub I was sure I was seeing Robin’s mating and wondered if the App showed mating rituals? i’ll keep you posted. 

((PS. while writing this post – I had to get up and got outside to photograph a woodpecker on the large Maple Tree outside the window. On my way out I spotted a baby NEWT on our doorstep. Photos of those gems tomorrow. Jen-Geographic to the rescue!))

Make Something Every Day

Great Blue Heron vs. Balde Eagle

Well it was actually eagle vs. eagle the other day, in the driveway,  when I started yelling “They’re mating! They’re mating!” Corey has got some serious laugh leverage off that day. Man that was loud and violent. Damn foodchain.

Anyway-I’m typing this entry from the lanai as the sun sets on a breezy but sunny Monday. Temperature today 10 degrees. We don’t get the actual  sunset here but we do get the after pink glow and that’s niiiice.  Yesterday it rained so hard your underwear would be soaked getting to the car. The day before? Full sun and 13 degrees. LOVE Spring times.

There is in fact, a massive great blue heron on the ocean edge, feeding on the oyster bed.

I’m working on a balde eagle slideshow tonight. What are other 36 year old Canadian womyn doing today, eh?  This poses several technological issues and I am home without supervision, for the week. That’s polite code for  “my hunky nerd is in camp”. iPhoto lets me create the slideshow fairly easy tho I had issues adding music to the Hukilau slideshow (click on LINK) as there was no “option to repeat song”. So the awesome Hukilau song only lasted 2 of 6 minutes.  Then I export it to Youtube (if it meets their specks & has no nudity.. cough) and that can take an entire day now. It’s soo busy! Then often, the wordpress blog post won’t allow me to use this or that file type.

So fingers crossed, wish me luck. *she glugs her wine*