Dear Teacher: What I Did This Summer…

The ultimate do it yourself (DIY… but with my handsome husband)!

We made a baby. We will be brewing / perfecting it til March 2013!

My sweety already gave me some great creative sewing and crafts for babies books, at xmas.

stay tuned.

38 inspiring objects
# 12 our baby!

Thus the much less frequent blogging here and on my Daily Dose of Vinyl record blog all summer.

I essentially slept all summer!~ justfortherecords BLOG click here
Make Something Every Day

Headed off to enjoy the west coast (of van isle)..Bob & Doug Mackenzie style

From my record a day blog.. As we head out on a great Canadiana adventure this weekend! Xo.

just for the records ~another 365 project

G’day hosers. This Mint condition piece of classic Canadiana comedy was the soundtrack to us racking some cider, in our bathroom. Sounds Canadian, oui? These two hosers filled two sides of a record in 1981 with their drunken, uneducated, hockey, ice fishing and beer banter. The Great White North. It’s embarrassingly endearing & reminiscent of my early years, growing up in London, Ontario. When SCTV was good TV.


At least one million copies of the album were sold within North America, 350,000 of these within Canada alone which earned a triple-platinum certification from the Canadian Recording Industry Association.   The Great White North entered the RPM Canadian album charts at #3 on 12 December 1981 and rose to the #1 position the following week where it remained until 23 January 1982. Overall, RPMranked the album #40 of albums released in Canada during 1981. The Great White North peaked at…

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Easter therapy



We had a lovely Easter weekend. My sweetness was actually home for one day so we packed in our celebrations between much gardening, storm tree removal which lead to a 2 day bonfire & weeny roast. Day 2 included SUN! That’s what I said.. Sun! I worked on my record blog, made a few things I’ll post tomorrow & loved up our aged dog.

I created an annual easter egg hunt for my husband. I even wore the ears & tail but I was sworn to “no blog photos of this, okay?”. Easter treat for me (as I’m behaving with no sugar or dairy or flour) was a Costco score! A Japanese Banana tree for 19.99! She came with 5 extra shoots in the pot so I spent time this weekend repotting them to take to my 2 therapy offices. Sooo good to be outside, heh?


speaking of gardening (& me daydreaming of a city place with a garden space next…) isn’t this cool?


I hope the bunny brought you every bit of chocolate you deserve!
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#7 of 38 inspiring objects

7. my guitar! 

Xmas of 1991 I think (as I had it in photos when I flew to University in the fall of 1992) my parent’s gave me this guitar. I taught myself to play and used it religiously  through my folk / grateful dead, john denver decade. Then it sat quiet for another long while. After moving it back and forth across canada a few times! ~ recently, my husband ~his guitar peaking through the back in the slideshow ~ and I picked them back up again. I took them in to be professionally cleaned and restrung. He’s a lefty so I’m having fun figuring out how to show him cords backwards. Yeah guitar! Blowing in the wind again.. D C G … chorus! 

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THING A DAY DOT COM 2012.. it’s happening!

Well, as some of you amazing followers of my BLOG may recall.. last year and the year before at this time I joined the THINGADAY.COM website’s challenge to.. duh.. make a thing every day and post it on one website with thousands of other participants. It was pretty challenging and rewarding and really inspiring to see the variety of things people come up with. It’s motivating to make something every day – as my BLOG is intended to do but sometimes I get a little lazy or run out of time with work and travel etc. BUT the idea is to re-energize crafters and I’ll be there with bells on the entire month of Feb. I’ve got a pile of dog-eared craft books and jewelry magazines ready with ideas and tons in my 

So.. you can either join me by signing up yourself  thing a day dot com 2012 click here or just checking in there to see what I’ve created ~likely under the name FIREYGODDESS. It was hosted through a site called Posterous last year which was a pain in the butt because I had to double post there & on my BLOG ~ but this year it’s on WORDPRESS (which is this blog’s site). 

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johnny cash vinyl

38 Inspiring Objects

#5 of 38


I dont mean to brag or anything but I have over 14 JC albums and still hoping for more! 


If you’d like to learn more about Johnny Cash Sundays and my records please check out my new 365 project BLOG by clicking just for the records ~another 365 project BLOG

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JUST FOR THE RECORDS ~another 365 Project ~by me!

click here for just for the records ~another 365 project BLOG

I started ANOTHER 365 project today that will go hand in hand with this BLOG. Every day in 2012 I will endeavour to post a new album from my vintage vinyl collection. I wanted to bring more music back into our lives and discover the best and worst of my vinyl collection, while also getting my art on with MAKING SOMETHING EVERY DAY over here in this BLOG. Hope you’ll FOLLOW it also, get your craft and tunes on, comment and participate. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! 

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Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

Kick Off 2012 with Project 365.



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We are a Hemnes Family. So shoot me.


(sigh, head tilted to side). I love my growing record collection. Today’s “make” was accessorized by a glass of Coppermoon cab sav & Xmas cheer! We got our Xmas tree today (no incriminating details will be shared of that adventure…) & cooked a Turkey, maple-butter style. We got an awesome amount of leftovers, dog treats & stock to freeze, from it.

20111204-211130.jpg Between basteings & hot tub dips, I… organized my record collection! I know, exciting right?
I’m gearing up for my new vinyl a day BLOG & needed to make some sense of order. Next step will be the tech department teaching me about USB vinyl uploading, how to post audio tracks on wordpress & choosing a new blog name & theme. I labelled sections, found covers for strays & loved up my Ikea shelf! We are a Hemnes Family. So shoot me. Lol.

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Open her heart, let her life blood flow (or) The great Canadian railroad trilogy


“I have trouble with some of the high notes these days. But yah know… I just don’t care!” and the crowd went crazy, clapping & cheering. I’m not experienced in flaunting music reviews (I will be next month on my new blog. Stay tuned…) but I DO want to brag about the best concert I’ve seen in years… GORDON LIGHTFOOT!!

My sweetheart of a husband granted my birthday wish, from last month, on Sunday night ~ to see Gord perform in Vancouver on his final tour! The sold out audience at the Centre for Performing Arts reflected how admired he is. We were in the 2% that were not over the seniors discount but we didn’t care. As I sat there, tears down my face pretty much the whole time, clapping & singing along to fav after fav, I stamped it no erasies ~ Mr. Lightfoot is my favorite Canadian. I was jealous of his back up musicians (new guitarist was out-standing btw).

Once he got warmed up, by song 3 he announced “my adrenaline is going!” & he was glorious! As a spry 73 year old, he played all of our favs and never once gave the impression of being a washed out Mick Jager who “needed” to perform to pay debts. He kept saying “we love the work”! He nailed the Trilogy, Sundown & Minstrel. Standing, screaming ovations ~ Canadians cheering as though at a Stanley cup game, not a theatre setting & 2 encores were sensational! From his red velvet jacket to his patent white shoes, Mr. Lightfoot was his classy self. I’m totally crushing on him now. There will be more gushing of this concert when I can figure out how to post the video snippets my love captured for you all.

My heart is beating faster while typing this! I felt my fingers burn to pick up my guitar, that has been ignored for the better part of a decade.
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I ordered this bad girl ~ in teal ~today!

Crosley Spinnerette Portable Turntable Suitcase – CR-6016A | Dijital Fix.

My birthday present! It took me forever to choose but I ordered it from NYC today! details when she arrives.

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Dusting off the hi fi for fall tunage


This weeks creative craigslist score for ten bucks? Approx 400 records! My husband was agasp when he opened our trunk ~seeing as we just started to pack for our end of the month move! He helped me narrow them down to 2 boxes to keep & I Sally-Anned the rest (& a car load of other donations), the next day. It looks like it’s a former Comox Radio / library collection, as there are cue cards taped to some with crib notes very cool. Then, I spent an afternoon in the sun cleaning and packing records. We are going to have an amazing fall of music!
I think I’ll do a fall series of lp cover art blogs & of course, lp reviews. We got some wacky & really classic stuff.
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Late Diva rocks big earrings

I found this video by creeping one of Corey’s friends on fbk when I should be writing reports at work.  Fantastic video – with almost 6 million views on youtube! When I think of Nina, I think of my growing LP collection that was inspired by Kate’s awesome  jazz nerd Dad, Brian. HUGS to the south shore family… may Nina keep you warm.