Go touch an elephant! Happy New Year 2012


Happy New Year 2012 blogger friends! Our family matriarch Liz & my late Nana were in Thailand a few years ago (?) and got this elephant. They touched a real elephant as that brings good luck and prosperity! My husband and I touched this sweet elephant tonight! C’mon prosperity!
We also went to a lovely potluck that taught us 2 Finnish traditions. We chose 3 tea cups with items under them. I chose bread (abundance), a cork (celebrations) & a pink piece of string (baby girl). Omg. My husband got the blue string … So twins are the order fir next year. Yeah, right.
We then went outside to a lovely campfire. Over the fire, we each boiled tin on big spoons. We flipped it into a pail of water. The shape that comes out tells your fortune for the year. Here’s mine:


20111231-224108.jpg What do you think it looks like!? What are your new year creative goals & hopes? I’ll be in my jammies tomorrow & let you know all about mine.

Happy New Year Blog friends. All the best health & love & creativity. And Thanks for a great year of MAKING SOMETHING EVERY DAY~ I’ll be here every day in 2012 & announce my new blog tomorrow!

New Years baking… Halibut dogbones

These were made with love for Amos at New Years. He gave away most of his last batch so he helped me rotate out the bottom of the freezer fish. Corey helped make the purees ~ straight baked halibut from Klemtu BC ~ carrots, garlic and my summer greenhouse parsley plant ~ flour, sea salt, veg soup cubes, powder.

I was surprised the cats didn’t love them because Corey came close to biting one. I cut the strips into cubes and have a winter supply for my happy dog.

Happy Crafty New Year