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38 Inspiring Objects 

#8 The MEC Merganser tent and #9    the MEC thermos.

Both purchased pre-Haida Gwaii, during university days approx 10 years ago? Both in sort of mint condition still today! Used 2 weeks ago on our season opener camping trip on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. If you’re Canadian you know all about MEC. It’s an equipment co-op. It’s THE equipment co-op, really. Print catelogs no order exist so it’s all online at I have lived remotely and in cities in Canada and always had a catalog at hand (& an Ikea Their stuff is enviro friendly, lots of organics, durable, lasts forever and is all fully replaced if it ever dies.  These are just two of my fav oldest items from them. Happy to sport them again this camping season and picked up a few nice new MEC items this month as well – dresses, canoe foam racks, waterproofer etc. I swear photos of that trip will get posted this weekend! (some are amazing, if I do say so myself).

What’s your MEC story?

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Roe! Roe! Roe! Merry Fishmas!


Roe! Roe! Roe!
Yesterday, and I can’t be sure of the details… But a mystery merriment elf team punked my dad’s condo with some fishy Christmas cheer! It was dad’s fault for giving out his spare keys to just any hooligans. Later this holiday, a video will be circulated with merriment details, possibly here.
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The Mad Housewife



Fantastic, heh? Happy Johnny Cash Day from the Mad Housewife extraordinaire. Laundry & litter & woodstacking inside complete yesterday with some fall garden harvesting.


We have enough kale for the island for the winter, as my husband is not a fan. I tried honey & creole spice with our bbq steak but he didn’t love it. I think you either love or hate Kale. I’m a lover. It’s so damn good for you. Although we didn’t drink Mad Housewife merlot, some fizzy vodka martinis with olives & pickled asparagus were consumed, as we played in the retreat yard in our rubber boots. Ps. I worked on the craftroom unpack / set up for a while so expect crafty posts soon!


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