spray painting anything that doesn’t move

Thank goddess no one told me how fun spray painting wicker was. I have urges to spray paint anything that isn’t moving.

Watch out cats.

I was supposed to be weed wacking the entire garden and yard all afternoon so instead I did this.   This 5 minute make over was super fun!! This one of those over $100  Ikea wicker chaise lounges, that i scored from Craigslist last year for $20. It got moldy over winter. So I hauled it out, brushed it off, sprayed her down in the sunshine and voila!

wiki: “In 1949, Edward Seymour added paint to existing aerosol can technology at his wife Bonnie’s suggestion. It was initially designed to demonstrate an aluminum paint he developed. Most aerosol paints also have a metal, glass or plastic ball called a pea inside of the can, which is used to stir (mix) the paint without the user having to touch it.”

BEFORE  SHOTS– with duct tape to fix under pinnings & Rust proof Navy Blue Spray paint from HomeDepot (cost $10 for 2)


THE AFTER SHOT – I used both spray cans for this one coat in the photo. I’m going to get another can to do the under pinnings and spot check the top. It dried instantly. PS. Lovely husband if you are reading this – I need your help when you get home from up north to re-do what i tried to fix with duct tape – likely with actual screws. PS. I’m also MAKING a roast with beer, in the slow cooker. come home. lol. xo.

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Easter therapy



We had a lovely Easter weekend. My sweetness was actually home for one day so we packed in our celebrations between much gardening, storm tree removal which lead to a 2 day bonfire & weeny roast. Day 2 included SUN! That’s what I said.. Sun! I worked on my record blog, made a few things I’ll post tomorrow & loved up our aged dog.

I created an annual easter egg hunt for my husband. I even wore the ears & tail but I was sworn to “no blog photos of this, okay?”. Easter treat for me (as I’m behaving with no sugar or dairy or flour) was a Costco score! A Japanese Banana tree for 19.99! She came with 5 extra shoots in the pot so I spent time this weekend repotting them to take to my 2 therapy offices. Sooo good to be outside, heh?


speaking of gardening (& me daydreaming of a city place with a garden space next…) isn’t this cool?


I hope the bunny brought you every bit of chocolate you deserve!
Make Something Every Day

*** 38 inspiring objects ***

In several ways throughout this year, I am going to embrace being 38 yrs old. One of which will be by adding a new category to my BLOG entitled…. “38 inspiring objects” (the list will grow weekly & be posted under “categories” running down the right side of this blog).

Once a week I will post a photo & explanation of an object around our retreat, my studio, my art therapy offices, my life ~ that inspires my creativity. It may be a painting, a favorite art supply, a gift received, something from my childhood or current art medium. Hope you are inspired and give feedback positive or otherwise!    Either way…

Here’s number 1 of “38 inspiring objects.”

1. Alps oil painting.

To some, this may look like another thrift store $9.99 oil painting of the Alps. True, it IS the Alps but it’s worth a tad more -both personally and monetarily. I inherited this painting from my late Nana. It hug above her couch for my entire childhood and most of my Dad’s. It’s now hanging proudly in our pad. It came with an appraisal for quite a bit ~but in the relocating it from Ontario to BC recently, it got lost. Therefore I have no clue who painted it but I do know it’s late 1800s. The artist signed it but it’s almost impossible to decipher his signature. Can you? (double click images to enlarge or save). I’ve been googling it to no avail for weeks. ANY SUGGESTIONS how to find the artist? Please comment if so (ie. Matriarch?). Lucky for me, my husband likes it. I find it comforting, warm, with memories of my Nana very present daily.  It’s a perfect choice for a  fall inspiration. It inspires me to oil paint – but not scenery. Never scenery. And you?

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We moved recently and gave away our  hand painted “CLOTHING OPTIONAL” sign to our ex-landlady (who is over 7o years old & she LOVED  it when we posted it at the end of her driveway). I’ve been devising a plan to create a new one for our retreat place – probably by the hot tub. I’m at work on my busy day so this brief post will be photos of signage that has caught my eye recently. enjoy.

Make Something Every Day

using creativity to cope

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.

– Danny Kaye

It was a very rough day workwise for me yesterday and a tragic day for a local family. What I appreciated was that three men in my life told me to “go paint.” Art Therapy can be used as a means to cope with feelings of loss due to a  tragedy. Thanks to Bruce for the above quote via FBK. My collegues took great care of me AND my sweety took great care of me ~we watched a meteor shower from the hot tub. I made a fall garden 2 squash, sweet potatoe, onion, carrot pie with a mostly butter crust and mauled my dog and cats by the woodstove.

Make Something Every Day.

~~~seeing red~~~

okay so Wednesday was not my fav day ever. When asked the question “what would you take out of your house if it was on fire”? my answers would be Corey, Amos, Salal, Estevan and Enid…..

After two days of seriously bad storms.. here’s how I found Enid, my lovely cedar strip canoe. This was  Wednesday, which was a ~ snowed in, had to cancel all my clients, no ferries running & my husband trapped up north in camp for a couple MORE days,  kind of day.

Luckily some men from work “know a guy” on Quadra to help refinish her. Sigh. Oh Enid. 3 days of storms involving every weather system imaginable. Burning lots of wood and getting some paperwork done today with fingers crossed that my husband will ever appear at this end of the island.

In other riveting news ~ I completed the http://www.thing-a-day.com challenge, over on their BLOG, since being home from our wedding. It was fun to make something everyday, often times taking me more time to post the stuff than do it. So I’m going to try to find a balance with the art and continue making something every day.

Hope you’ll join me.

painted the trunk/ coffee table as we can't seem to get off island to get a new one!

gave the sign some red too! (leaning into my rage) lol


the end is near ~ thing 27 beach photos

I took some photos of my chilly walk down to the beach with my awesome dog Amos. Here’s some photos of found objects. Yesterday I completed my 20 hour painting experience workshop which felt  pretty awesome (& exhausting)  to just make make make. So awesome, that I’m not posting photos of that experience for public critique but thanxs for asking!