*** 38 inspiring objects ***

In several ways throughout this year, I am going to embrace being 38 yrs old. One of which will be by adding a new category to my BLOG entitled…. “38 inspiring objects” (the list will grow weekly & be posted under “categories” running down the right side of this blog).

Once a week I will post a photo & explanation of an object around our retreat, my studio, my art therapy offices, my life ~ that inspires my creativity. It may be a painting, a favorite art supply, a gift received, something from my childhood or current art medium. Hope you are inspired and give feedback positive or otherwise!    Either way…

Here’s number 1 of “38 inspiring objects.”

1. Alps oil painting.

To some, this may look like another thrift store $9.99 oil painting of the Alps. True, it IS the Alps but it’s worth a tad more -both personally and monetarily. I inherited this painting from my late Nana. It hug above her couch for my entire childhood and most of my Dad’s. It’s now hanging proudly in our pad. It came with an appraisal for quite a bit ~but in the relocating it from Ontario to BC recently, it got lost. Therefore I have no clue who painted it but I do know it’s late 1800s. The artist signed it but it’s almost impossible to decipher his signature. Can you? (double click images to enlarge or save). I’ve been googling it to no avail for weeks. ANY SUGGESTIONS how to find the artist? Please comment if so (ie. Matriarch?). Lucky for me, my husband likes it. I find it comforting, warm, with memories of my Nana very present daily.  It’s a perfect choice for a  fall inspiration. It inspires me to oil paint – but not scenery. Never scenery. And you?

Make Something Every Day

Croquet & Croquettes all in one week


another creative week outside the craftroom. In dad’s new living room, we revived, reframed & redisplayed some family photos! They are straighter than in the photo, I promise. We also did some local shopping & dad bought me these..

20111024-085703.jpg an antique croquet set!!! I’ve been asking for one to come to us for a while. This is the unpolished before photo. I introduced dad to stores for fishing gear but also CR’s best thrift store Habitat for Humanity. I’m still on the thrifting prowl for a new vintage hi fi but this was an awesome score. Thanks pa.

20111024-090108.jpg lastly, dad decided to reproduce his fav print of an oil painting by G.Fobis. Try as I might I couldn’t find the artist or his prints for sale online so we are illegally reproducing & enlarging it on canvas! Any suggestions to locate an original Fobis, please let me know…
Should be interesting as we handed the nice phototech man a laser 90s photo copy quality print of the original oil painting shown above. Photo ~ stock from Ontario during this summer’s cross Canada road trip! I’ll post the finish product / process in a month or so.
Make Something Every Day

the end is near ~ thing 27 beach photos

I took some photos of my chilly walk down to the beach with my awesome dog Amos. Here’s some photos of found objects. Yesterday I completed my 20 hour painting experience workshop which felt  pretty awesome (& exhausting)  to just make make make. So awesome, that I’m not posting photos of that experience for public critique but thanxs for asking!



blogging break amidst the unpack

HUGs to Paula in K-town over this full moon time, who I now know reads my blog rants!

I’m just taking a break from unpacking. While I’m editing a video vlog (dad… a vlog= video blog entry usually posted on youtube), I thought I’d change up my theme and post the larger painting that the header photo came from. It’s one of my fav pieces from Art Therapy School and I had it posted on a red wall when I lived in Kimberley, in that heritage place with the hot tub, on Howard. You all remember the “one”.

Anyway, changed the theme in an effort to make wordpress work for me but I  find it limiting or it could just be my web skills are limited. I wanted a menu for choosing “ferry happenings” or “videos” etc but all I get are catagories and the same thin column format. I digress.


ORCAS, always with the ORCAS

What the day looked like


Brilliant day to live at the beach, yesterday! I woke to loons crying, in the fog ~ outside my bedroom window. Later in the aft,  I was painting. Yes, today’s Make Something Every Day was painting. Just warming back into it. Im trying to use up old canvases and a box of paints we got for 50 cents at a garage sale on the Loop, recently. The womyn said they were her late mother’s and she was an artist. Many thanks~

So there I am on the deck with Amos and my paints and I feel it in my chest like a thumping, then I hear it with my ears like an elephant roaring.. the BLOW HOLE of an ORCA. I jump up, spill stuff, stub my toe (drama ensues trying to get my camera, the big member attached and flips on ~ in time to run down to the shoreline). And I see them, two beauties.. for about 3 minutes.

ORCA fin, about 200 meters away.

I’ve for sure taken better photos, this is just for evidence purposes. I’m ALWAYS looking for whales. Corey sees them ALL the time, at camp..breaching etc..

I’m not kidding, no less than 5 minutes later I see this from the north…

and at the same time, this from the south…

The whales didn’t have a chance for privacy today. Whale watching guides up the ying yang.

I had a peek-see on Wika KILLER WHALE WIKI PAGE for more info on orcas. Some facts I didn’t know / remember:

size of the whale compared to Corey. lol.

  • Killer whales are regarded as apex predators, lacking natural predators.
  • Killer whales distinctively bear a black back, white chest and sides, and a white patch above and behind the eye.
  • Calves are born with a yellowish or orange tint, which fades to white.
  • Killer whales have a heavy and robust body (more so than other dolphins) and a large dorsal fin up to 2 metres (6.6 ft) tall.
  • Population in Canada    2,250–2,700 off the cooler northeast Pacific.
  • Killer whales have the second-largest brains among marine mammals.

Bill Reid's jade Killer Whale.. one of my top 5 fav sculptures