169 ORCA whale photos!

My MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY today was 169 whale photos. I took a few from our hot tub, a few while hanging clothes on the line… I won’t bore with you with too many but you get the idea:

orange whale watching tour boats with tourists in orange survival suits is a good sign to grab the camera!

Today I heard the boat, not the blow holes, first. The boat is pointing towards the house so I run for camera and my gumboots. In my fantastic house outfit.. I storm the beach.

Also storming the beach are Gortex, hip sack wearing, non-English speaking, European tourists – crossing OUR lawn! We are all very excited, waving our arms, me half naked. lol. My neighbour downstairs slept through the whole thing, including me yelling his name, Amos barking at me yelling and pounding on his door.

There were 3 orcas at first for about 10 minutes. Longest they have hung out in one place – mind you there were  about 10 scotchmen bobbing out there, over crab and orawn traps. Salmon have been jumping here for a month or so.  Then they swam south to the trail at the end of our street and joined 3 others.

Hello orca friends. I love you.

super noisy smashing about!


of course, the whales at engagement rocks shot..lol

Hope you enjoyed my share. Commentswelcomed. Now, I’m off to work!


Am I really going to pull the skull off a decaying sea lion’s body?

As I approach this mammoth beast on the beach, I am thinking to myself… I know it’s here, it’s been here for weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the one on the Kay Dubois Trail that I screamed when I stumbled upon beachcombing over 2 months ago.. or is it a new one? Is this a sign that the world is ending? I need less alone time, I think. Damn I hate to love nature. Months ago, I asked my neighbour and she said that no one locally cares, no one studies them but to call in a 1800 number for stats purposes. The gov’t have bigger oceans issues than dead animals. sigh***

Here I am, out front of Ted’s awesome cabin, photographing stuff. Ted is another story / character in himself. I had every intention of harvesting it. As I approach the beauty this sunny morning, I am confronted like a brick wall with consciousness ~~~thoughts of my friend that has passed on and was buried this week. CANCER F’N SUCKS. (I would have spelled it out, but my dad reads this).  She was just laid to rest and I was quite upset this week ~ am I really so savage? Why do I want the skull so badly?

And just as my consciousness kicked in.. I GASPED out loud! There on the rocky shore between me and the sea lion is an EAGLE FEATHER. The very first one that has come to me, since moving to Quadra over 6 months ago. Has it been that long? Cool.

When is the last time you were alone and gasped out loud? Twice for me this week. Three times if you include the 2 dead mice in Amos’ outdoor water pot, yesterday.  The feather is soo lovely. Instead of harvesting this beast, I photograph it and my new eagle feather.  Blessings and light to you H.

The skull is the size of my forearm. And it’s *attached* to the SUPER smelly body. I’ve spared you all photos that I took of the actual carcass. It that has been the source of dinner for dozens of neighbourhood eagles. Even from this former vegetarian author… it is pretty cool to see such a real & raw thing. It’s gorgeous in its own way.

Who has stories or facts about sea lions they’d like to share?

Am I really going to pull the skull off a decaying sea lion’s body? Not today, but maybe in a month or so when it washes up in front of our house and I have to convince Amos not to roll in it.  What would you do? Comments & compliments encouraged.

~In the company of MANY bald eagles

I write this entry,

~mermaid Jen