topsy turvy check in

Let’s check in with the topsy turvy planters, shall we? Planted them 2 months ago. Organic soil, peat, super easy to put together and the root systems grow upwards heated by the plastic container. cool. My sweety helped hang them in a different place in teh garden a month ago because the vine they were planted under blew up into a zillion green leaves and flowered into gorgeous dangling delicate purple flowers. Now out tof the shade they are fabulous.

We’ve eaten 2 dozen little plump fully red strawberries so far. The tomatoe plants.. i busted a huge stem off while bragging to said sweety about the progress. That said, they’ve both tripled and are flowering yellow now! Our June on the coast, was the westest / rainiest on record welcome to the hot July growing season! Stay tuned for harvest end of August, I’m guessing? So with zero effort and being super cheap I’m a fan of the upside down garden thingmes. Have you tried the As Seen on TV Topsy Turvy? Did it work for you?

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unicorn saves ladies auxillary Christmas Cactus!

Holy doodle it’s been days without a post. I’ve got seven drafts & lots of photos that I’m going post ~ as it’s so hot out ~ how hot is it Firey? Well, it’s 24 degrees on this pacific rain-coastal island today!!! So I’ve stepped in from outdoor chores for more creative adventures (& water).

Lots of unicorn imagery lately. Of most import~ I’m convinced that the plastic unicorn I placed a year ago, in the then dying Ladies Auxillary Christmas Cactus, has magically brought it back to life. I purchased the plant for a buck at the ladies legion bake & plant sale. It died a week later. The unicorn is obviously came to our home via a portal covered in sequins. Are these plants supposed to bloom AT Xmas? It’s a MayDay unicorn miracle.

And this one just in…

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Easter therapy



We had a lovely Easter weekend. My sweetness was actually home for one day so we packed in our celebrations between much gardening, storm tree removal which lead to a 2 day bonfire & weeny roast. Day 2 included SUN! That’s what I said.. Sun! I worked on my record blog, made a few things I’ll post tomorrow & loved up our aged dog.

I created an annual easter egg hunt for my husband. I even wore the ears & tail but I was sworn to “no blog photos of this, okay?”. Easter treat for me (as I’m behaving with no sugar or dairy or flour) was a Costco score! A Japanese Banana tree for 19.99! She came with 5 extra shoots in the pot so I spent time this weekend repotting them to take to my 2 therapy offices. Sooo good to be outside, heh?


speaking of gardening (& me daydreaming of a city place with a garden space next…) isn’t this cool?


I hope the bunny brought you every bit of chocolate you deserve!
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hello green house whatcha growin? (groaner)

Things are growing in the wee greenhouse. Here’s an update.

she's a beaut! Corey and I built her.


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Dirty bath water

I spent the entire day thinking about putting sunscreen on. It was warm, hazy, partially sunny. Started the day in a sundress, sweater & gumboots. As predicted I was in flips by the aft. The Grateful Dead blaring on Cortes Community Radio (check it out online!).

Amos dug up his newest knucklebone ~ I thought it was a dead animal from a distance, totally gross and likely buried deep. I shared my Thai smoked salmon and beer lunch with him but not with the eagle in the tree above. I was hoping he would drop a feather, but non.
Here’s how far I got today. I also repotted & planted several things which I’ll blog another day. I’m pooped and real dirty.
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