Cookies n sunscreen


Quick post for today! We spent a gorgeous day at our local Rebecca Spit Prov Park! It was 24 degrees but windy! I managed a nice burn through my sunscreen while Corey worked on his summer goal of landing a halibut from his kayak. I brought supplies to make a little sequined something but it was just too windy. He caught a dogfish and 2 sole, neither of which he kept.
We had a 2 hour nap tonight which tells me it’s summer holidays! Then we went on a mission to find local eggs, driving… Wearing our houserobes. Classy islanders. Corey is making peanut butter cookies at 10pm while we watch a movie. Yeah summer!
We are both kayaking all day tomorrow, probably over to Cortes island area. Stay tuned for a great halibut story soon… Ps. When he wasn’t eating halibut bones, Amos slept in the sunny grass all day.

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