I ordered this bad girl ~ in teal ~today!

Crosley Spinnerette Portable Turntable Suitcase – CR-6016A | Dijital Fix.

My birthday present! It took me forever to choose but I ordered it from NYC today! details when she arrives.

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Croquet & Croquettes all in one week


another creative week outside the craftroom. In dad’s new living room, we revived, reframed & redisplayed some family photos! They are straighter than in the photo, I promise. We also did some local shopping & dad bought me these..

20111024-085703.jpg an antique croquet set!!! I’ve been asking for one to come to us for a while. This is the unpolished before photo. I introduced dad to stores for fishing gear but also CR’s best thrift store Habitat for Humanity. I’m still on the thrifting prowl for a new vintage hi fi but this was an awesome score. Thanks pa.

20111024-090108.jpg lastly, dad decided to reproduce his fav print of an oil painting by G.Fobis. Try as I might I couldn’t find the artist or his prints for sale online so we are illegally reproducing & enlarging it on canvas! Any suggestions to locate an original Fobis, please let me know…
Should be interesting as we handed the nice phototech man a laser 90s photo copy quality print of the original oil painting shown above. Photo ~ stock from Ontario during this summer’s cross Canada road trip! I’ll post the finish product / process in a month or so.
Make Something Every Day

Dusting off the hi fi for fall tunage


This weeks creative craigslist score for ten bucks? Approx 400 records! My husband was agasp when he opened our trunk ~seeing as we just started to pack for our end of the month move! He helped me narrow them down to 2 boxes to keep & I Sally-Anned the rest (& a car load of other donations), the next day. It looks like it’s a former Comox Radio / library collection, as there are cue cards taped to some with crib notes very cool. Then, I spent an afternoon in the sun cleaning and packing records. We are going to have an amazing fall of music!
I think I’ll do a fall series of lp cover art blogs & of course, lp reviews. We got some wacky & really classic stuff.
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