Christmas DIY Card Tree


Here’s a quick craft I’m not sure where I say it first but it came to me as I was decorating the kitchen for xmas. I used approx 8 tacs and some green sparkly stretchy cord to fashion an xmas tree shape on the wall. Then as the cards came in, I filled it. We sent out cards this year with pride. Next year ( with a newborn may be a different story. Post Xmas, i used the sewing pinking sheers and a hole punch to create gift tags for next year. Yeah, upcycle, recycle. I also only bought one roll of paper and a thrift store bag of bows. All my ribbon was from years past.

There is still so much waste at xmas, it was the least I could do.

What did you craft this xmas?

Make Something Every Day

upside down converted boat sheds. brilliant.

I found this at awesome. check it out. Found object beach art at it’s best!


Boats are not mere bread earners to the fishermen, they are things that take them down memory lane, reminding of memorable experiences in the waters. So, I see no reason why they should allow their old friends to become a heap of waste. A bunch of fishermen in Lindisfarne have thrown new life into their old boats by converting them into storage sheds. They simply turned them upside down and made a small door to enter inside. I am sure those of you who own boats will not be able to stop yourself from doing the same.

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These  are  the awesome Garbage Moguls folks.. see their video posted earlier in my OLDER POSTS, under national geographic channel movies. This store and all the ideas for recycling and UPCYCLING are inspiring and forward thinking.

What can you remodel instead of throw out?

terracycle store ! <— click here.