Escaping another winter… Take 2.

The sign we made for the back of the uhaul, when we moved my dad from Ontario to BC this fall read “escaping another Ontario winter”. We apologized yesterday when we popped in to his plush man condo…. This is what the last 2 days in the pacific Canadian rainforest looked like. Our yard on Quadra, specifically. 20111119-002707.jpg




20111119-002754.jpg Make Something Every Day

Dog whisperer

stock photo (don't freak out dad ~ we had 1 day of snow last winter)

beach @ our place on Quadra

My sweetheart of a frisky moose turned 13 years this month! For this honourable occasion, I baked him halibut dogbones (see posting last month), got him an accupuncturist and a dog whisperer! Amos had a homevisit of chiropractic and accunputure needles all down his back end, hips & knees. He is like a puppy after treatments.

This is an interesting read if you have an older doggie: click here for article about dog accupuncture

camping on Quadra this spring

His dog whisperer is an awesome local man that sees most of the island’s dogs at some point. Our pets love him. He does mass dog hikes up mountains with 20 dogs at a time… daily, behavior management and pet sitting. “Amos… Let’s go!” When the Whisperer was away in India recently, the womyn that covered for him created this dog BLOG to keep him attached to his dog friends.

click here for the Quadra Dog BLOG

his chais lounge

Happy 91 st Birthday Amos!

Make Something Every Day

not in Mexico anymore.

here’s a little video of the weather in the RAINFOREST by the OCEAN…from yesterday that stuck around on Quadra til today. In Campbell River currently out my Practice window~  it’s raining snow. Boo. Why can’t we have Mexico Fiesta weather all the times? I guess, so we appreciate it when we get to travel. We’re brainstorming / planning our next trip (honeymoon) already. Suggestions?

Okay- so this is a photo (not a video..) the blog doesnt support the file type for video..and I have no clue what that even means. Sigh.

MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY (especially in the snow).

“worst winter since 1956…”

The fine art of wood stacking. love it. love the wood heat.

I think we’re going to be just fine.

Cats loafing by woodstove is the usual now. They rotate between the upstairs and downstairs woodstoves, napping or  playing with their felt balls. I make their toys but that’s another post, coming soon!

Stay warm bloggers &