20121027-205521.jpg Today I made Russian style Borscht! I finished by giant bag of Coombs market BC beets. It was good but not great. After feedback, I experimented with extras… And now it is good, ya! I also put it all in the blender before ziploc freezing. Yum, hello fall, I admit you are here by opening my soup making season. Please comment if you’d like the recipe.
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cabin fever ~ soup & dried fruits

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It was a long month of March with several power outages and massive storms ~cabin fever was a very real threat for me several times.

With beachcombing being at an all time yearly low ~lots of soup was  prepared and consumed and the dehydrator was running for the last week. I bought giant bags of pears and kiwis (@ Costco Courtenay) and stored them for our lunch snacks. Can you say “nesting?” My Roasted red pepper soup was decent but the husband thought a bit too spicy for diving days. Recipe above. I got out of the habit of photographing stuff as end product but I’m back on track now. yum.  

Thanks for staying with me bloggers. Any suggestions as to how to get more interactive with you all?

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because we both love soup.


I was given a Moosewood cookbook this week. I can’t believe I never had one, even through my vegetarian years. Tonight I made the North African Cauliflower Soup. The soup was delicious but needed some croutons for more taste. I paired it with wine & a salad ~ bocconcini cheese, grapes, lettuce, yellow peppers, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms and yogurt ceasr dressing.

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Wimbledon Miso Soup

(written a couple weeks ago)

Wimbledon Miso soup
Tennis ! First mixed doubled tourney today on Quadra- weather still permitting which may be the humble start to my pro tennis former therapist, career. We may have to put the roof over centre court again. Roddick might need both of my professionsl services now – Poor Roddick losing yesterday. He can go back to USA and cry with his sports illustrated swimsuit model wife.

So before I leave, I’m trying another wedding crockpot experiment_ miso soup. This time ingredients a bit different:
Brown miso
Tons plain garlic
A green onion (in & to garnish)
Tons mushrooms (in & to garnish)
Sea salt & pepper
Lemon juice half cup (didn’t have lemon grass today -boo)
A dolup of Chinese hot sauce (don’t worry Corey I didn’t ruin this one too)
Bay leaves (from our tree)
Cilantro & parsley (from my greenhouse)
Cauliflower (I know, right?)
Turkey stock (home made 1 ziploc)
4 cups water
And start of summer Wimbledon love.

Sauteed garlic & cauli. All in the crockpot on low for 6 hours.
See you after my tennis tourney & local potluck! “go ANDYYYY!”

Update: the miso was decent! Congrats to Djokavic for breaking Nadal’s 6x Wimbledon champion status! I still love you Nadal.

However sad for Nadal… I got a trophy at tonight’s tennis tourney potluck (and my name in the local rag!) and it was  just up the street! I blushed like a beet. Corey came too. He quickly whipped up some rock scallops and garlic butter~ which were a big hit! Really lovely, welcoming Quadra tennis folks. great day, great first tennis matches & great food.
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Flip flops in the Dishwasher


There’s no flip flops in the dishwasher today (breathe Corey…). However, I did use the coffee grinder to chop almonds to go in my carrot ginger soup. The Pyrex cupboard is full of clean containers which means the wedding freezer is virtually empty, for the first time and we can’t have that!
So on this fully sunny, 28 degree day, I decided to crack out the wedding present crockpot! Cleaned, instructions sort of read, I filled her with goodness and set the timer for 6.5 hrs – as per my brief YouTube crockpot search results. Ingredients look great but I may have overfilled it as the veg will liquify. I’ll post an after.
Ingredients organic: Carrots, onion, potato, garlic, ginger, dill seeds from last years garden, bay leaf, lemon juice, soy sauce, can tomatoes, hot sauce, salt and pepper, home made turkey stock and sunshine.
Aside: I’m noticing after receiving all our kitchen wedding presents ~how great our camping cooking gear is this season!
Don’t forget your sunscreen & Make Something Every Day


making good food

We are on week three (I hope) of 12 weeks of the p90x meal plan and exersize program. While a scheduling nightmare to workout and eat full healthy meals every day, it feels good. The week before we started we made a second round of TARTS from my tart recipe book. We made Spinach, pine nut and feta tarts and another batch of thai smoked salmon tarts and an awesome vegetable big tart. All were amazing. Corey makes a lovely crust. Then there has been a series of turkey jerky (made it again last week as Corey loves to throw a bird in the oven every couple weeks) and soups. My asparagus soup and my speghetti squash soup were delicious.


soups on the woodstove for another indoor recess kind of day

Rainy weather and continued post-wedding-orange snot means more soup on the stove. Yesterday, I made another organic turkey veg soup on the woodstove. I also roasted a huge tray of garlic. Today I used this recipe:…

and created some lemon-grass, miso, cilantro, ginger, roasted garlic soup with onion & spicy italian sausage. Lemon-grass is amazing stuff. I used brown MUGI miso instead of white. It’s my first time experimenting with MISO & I think I aced it. I coupled my yummy soup with the dvd Eat Prey Love. 




not as good as Kate’s but okay ~ cornbread

Rocking the gluten-free diet, mostly. These were not bad. And it was the first time perhaps in my grown up life that I have used a muffin tray for it’s intended purpose. I’ve used them (no, not THIS one Corey) for paints, paper mache mixing, oysters on BBQ etc.. So this was a pleasant change. I prefer Kate’s home-made ones with the little happy corn bits in them, but these did nicely with our mounting supply of frozen home-made soups.  We need a full-size freezer stat. Turkey Veg on the woodstove, as I type this. The weather outside is TOTALLY made for soup & snuggles only.

dirty girl in torrential rain

Just checking in with my coffee.

Thoughts on, after AV Captain helped me learn a few skills. WORDPRESS has ONE font.. this font. (actually I have BOLDED it for “fun”). You can get one other font for free. All video has to be youtube posted / friendly to be a compatible upload for this blog. BOOO. Tech friends??? Suggestions please…. maybe I should have gone with ?

YES, it’s gob on his forehead.

Back to the beach /// All beachcombing efforts will be ceased for the day as some SERIOUS and I mean SERIOUS rains are falling. Like SUPA-loud-thick-sheet rain. The positive? It’s falling straight down with no wind and about 8 degrees. Still had to put foot to Amos’ butt to get him off his chais lounge to go pee this am. The PUMP fixer gentlemen are out front in full WETCOAST gear, pulling the Well pump out ~~which hopefully means a shower for this author, after three days.~~

Oh… I spoke to soon. The rain IS sideways. I just brought in all the wood from the covered deck, which will last til Corey gets home next Monday. Note to self- don’t peel a BAG of garlic for roasting when you can’t wash your hands after.

Stoking my woodstove and stirring the Squash soup on it,

~more mermaid