Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob

That’s what I said. Is there no shame? BBQ husband extraordinaire (I’ve never touched the thing but that’s another story for another time) was handed a few items for the BBQ, when he arrived home tonight. I got the idea for this recipe from a podcast on CBC radio3 about summer and bbq’s and surf music. It was blasted all afternoon while I gardened.. see other post about today’s romp in the garden, in the sun. Then I looked it up  and found this recipe click here for foodnetwork bacon corn recipe We saw the potential for a seriously naughty yummy treat but our corn was not quite in season. It was motivation for sure, to try it again n season.


We also bbq’d up some some portobello mushrooms ~I made a garlic butter and sea salt scrub for them and marinated for 30 mins before the bbq master took them to meet their maker. I also threw together some Old Mill Cornmeal and niblet  muffins with feta~organic, gluten-free la de da. They were blah and really too wholesome without the butter, flour and milk. smerk*

PS. HAPPY 1st day of SUMMER! 

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Home made finger paints


Eatable or edible finger paints for the kids, this summer. This came from Nyky-jay who is a really fabulous local photographer and creative mom (who got it from another mom on fbk). Check out her fbk page and website at

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Chocolate covered strawberries


Last night I made chocolate covered strawberries for my love. Just cause I could! I used an ikea dark chocolate bar that I had in the freezer, strawberries & skim milk – tho I think you’re supposed to used canned milk. Gentle, constant stirring & dip! Delicious summer’s eve snack for my sweety, who has been very good to me lately. Xo chicken.
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Adventures with Enid

We had the most glorious paddle on our three day weekend together so i thought I’d show you some of my fav shots from it. This Enid and I love her. We paddled on Village Bay Lakes and Main Lake Provincial parks on Quadra Island. Awesome.

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the only elk I saw at Strathcona Park, BC.

This was the maiden summer voyage of ENID our cedar strip canoe (the major asset to my Dowry for marriage) since she had major surgery, earlier this year. See BLOG entry in winter re: tree branch punching a giant hole through her. Well, ALFRED (I remembered, Corey!), did an amazing job, locally, of patching her up!  ~~~~~~I got the ‘ol digital SLR out and shot some photos of my dog, a catapillar on a pitchy tree and some that we won’t ever show the public from around the campfire / Jager-times*. These are again, from  my iPhone.  Here are a few that I thought were BLOG worthy. ~~~~enjoy.   


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Crafts while camping



There’s almost nothing I love more than crafting while camping. My sweety and my elderly doggie and I had a lovely weekend camping on lower Campbell Lake. I took an opportunity to make something by the campfire. I also took the same opportunity to dump my jar of glass beads all over the dirt by said campfire. Being a gentleman, Corey helped me gather them back up suggesting “maybe this is why beading by the campfire has never taken off.” Here’s 2 necklaces still in progress…
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Snapper time




26 degrees out so I decide to bake! Amos has what we think is a summer cold so I want to encourage his eating. So I made his fav. This time I baked a couple batches and froze the rest in little dough balls to roll out and bake as needed.
Ingredients: local snapper purée ~caught by my hunky fisherman husband. Neighbor eggs, milk, butter, local organic giant garlic head, fresh parsley bundle, 10 carrots, baking powder & soda, oats, flour, love.
PS. I also busted the hand mixer thing that Corey bought me because I busted his blender making halibut dogbones.

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hello green house whatcha growin? (groaner)

Things are growing in the wee greenhouse. Here’s an update.

she's a beaut! Corey and I built her.


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The drunken chicken


An interview with our guest blogger ~ my husband aka. The Chef.

Goddess: Are the ingredients a secret?
The Chef: Non. They are simply;
Montreal chicken spice
Lemon pepper
Beer. One can per bird, your choice of vintage.

Goddess: What is your culinary Review?
The Chef: Crispy and delicious. Moist flesh, crispy chicken. Pleasing taste.

Goddess: Any Cooking tips?
The Chef: They truly are drunken chicken, as they really like to fall over.

There you have it folks out in blogger land. The drunken chicken. Yum.

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I only like WILD SALMON… berries

It’s salmon berry season on the homefront and we have been busy trying to pick them faster than the birds can eat them. YUM. I love this identification video. I also found a variety of REALLY wacky stuff when researching what to MAKE with these berries. We didn’t pick enough for making booze or jam but we are loving them in our morning smoothies. 

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Flip flops in the Dishwasher


There’s no flip flops in the dishwasher today (breathe Corey…). However, I did use the coffee grinder to chop almonds to go in my carrot ginger soup. The Pyrex cupboard is full of clean containers which means the wedding freezer is virtually empty, for the first time and we can’t have that!
So on this fully sunny, 28 degree day, I decided to crack out the wedding present crockpot! Cleaned, instructions sort of read, I filled her with goodness and set the timer for 6.5 hrs – as per my brief YouTube crockpot search results. Ingredients look great but I may have overfilled it as the veg will liquify. I’ll post an after.
Ingredients organic: Carrots, onion, potato, garlic, ginger, dill seeds from last years garden, bay leaf, lemon juice, soy sauce, can tomatoes, hot sauce, salt and pepper, home made turkey stock and sunshine.
Aside: I’m noticing after receiving all our kitchen wedding presents ~how great our camping cooking gear is this season!
Don’t forget your sunscreen & Make Something Every Day