tourist in my own backyard

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Make Something Every Day

good morning moon

A really impressive full moon ferry ride from Quadra to Campbell, last week.


Make Something Every Day

Adventures with Enid

We had the most glorious paddle on our three day weekend together so i thought I’d show you some of my fav shots from it. This Enid and I love her. We paddled on Village Bay Lakes and Main Lake Provincial parks on Quadra Island. Awesome.

Make Something Every Day

how many dog photos can one BLOG have?

Well here’s 5 more! I call this installment “happy in the sun”.

Every day with Amos is awesome.


Make Something Every Day

Dirty bath water

I spent the entire day thinking about putting sunscreen on. It was warm, hazy, partially sunny. Started the day in a sundress, sweater & gumboots. As predicted I was in flips by the aft. The Grateful Dead blaring on Cortes Community Radio (check it out online!).

Amos dug up his newest knucklebone ~ I thought it was a dead animal from a distance, totally gross and likely buried deep. I shared my Thai smoked salmon and beer lunch with him but not with the eagle in the tree above. I was hoping he would drop a feather, but non.
Here’s how far I got today. I also repotted & planted several things which I’ll blog another day. I’m pooped and real dirty.
Make Something Every Day

Well good morning sunshine!


Sunshine and wildlife noticings from the deck, FINALLY this morning! I’m workshopping a light sweater over a sundress for my coffee with the puppy dog, but I’m confident that the clouds will burn off this aft! Just in time to dry out some earth and wood so I can work on my new wee greenhouse !

While making coffee this morning ~I noted two things. Well three, if you include the fact that I was up by 8am by choice.

We replaced our deceased after a week (they got the ick) goldfish, with two new ones. Laverne & Chiffonda are female cobra enslers (like Eve Ensler = vagina monologues). They are yellowy, see throughy, cold water, non-goldfish. All this lovely intro aside ~ after 4 days we are down to one. Sigh*. The survivor us Laverne. Maybe it’s a sign that I should return to vegetarianism?

Seconds after the ceremonial flushing, I spotted these two outside the cabin. So quiet and fluffy and peaceful. Amos was 4 meters away and didn’t even budge.


Make Something Every Day

a sunny afternoon photoshoot

Creativity is peaking today with wedding invitations, a wedding website, save the date emails etc. MORE POSTS TO COME THIS WEEKEND, I PROMISE.

Today, I’m working from home, though it’s a challenge,

as the IS shining.

Here’s a little sunshine photoshoot with the frisky friends.