Pass the apple cashew stuffing and more turkey, please!

Happy belated Gobble Gobble.

Here’s a quick blog entry to let you all know that my intentions to blog have been over come by the move into our new house, have guests 4 days later, have a guest for week and a half, go to Vancouver and back and a fabulous turkey day celebration! Not to mention a bit of unpacking and re-organizing life.. oh and buying a Smartcar! I guess that’s a few updates, non? Did I mention I’m pregnant?

Any who… here’s my handsome husband’s turkey this year. We hosted 9 in our new house and it was awesome.

My parents took an annual turkey photo throughout their marriage so we are as well. Thanks to our family and Kate for joining us and Corey for being a great chef

and thanks to my Dad who buys the annual largest bird he can find. xo.

Make Something Every Day

adjustments have been made

Amos, Salal & Estevan .. trying to relax.

the kitchen

the bar ~ needs replenishing.. visitors always welcome.

the chef

A few teaser photos of the new pad at the retreat on Quadra Island. The pets and the humans are adjusting just fine. We had just a lovely turkey day with special guest ~ my dad! We are still full. More photos to come.

Make Something Every Day

Well supervised salmon


<a The making of Turkey day appies was well supervised in the new kitchen, by Salal & Estevan. Teriyaki smoked salmon, dill, parsley, cream cheese, spinach tortillas with a slice of pickled asparagus in the centre. Gobble.
Make Something Every Day