THING A DAY DOT COM 2012.. it’s happening!

Well, as some of you amazing followers of my BLOG may recall.. last year and the year before at this time I joined the THINGADAY.COM website’s challenge to.. duh.. make a thing every day and post it on one website with thousands of other participants. It was pretty challenging and rewarding and really inspiring to see the variety of things people come up with. It’s motivating to make something every day – as my BLOG is intended to do but sometimes I get a little lazy or run out of time with work and travel etc. BUT the idea is to re-energize crafters and I’ll be there with bells on the entire month of Feb. I’ve got a pile of dog-eared craft books and jewelry magazines ready with ideas and tons in my 

So.. you can either join me by signing up yourself  thing a day dot com 2012 click here or just checking in there to see what I’ve created ~likely under the name FIREYGODDESS. It was hosted through a site called Posterous last year which was a pain in the butt because I had to double post there & on my BLOG ~ but this year it’s on WORDPRESS (which is this blog’s site). 

Make Something Every Day

Holy shed!



My strapping new husband had a vision when we moved into our new retreat this week. There was no garage / waterproof place to store scuba or camping or all other rubbermaids of gardening / camping gear that we have. He drew up a plan, went to home depot, bought the materials & a skil saw all for under 200 bucks and spent an entire day (happily), constructing this awesome gear shed. I got to be his little helper & hold screws & keep the beer flowing. Thanks to my sweety for his creative vision & the shed! Now go make us a turkey!
Make Something Every Day