topsy turvy check in

Let’s check in with the topsy turvy planters, shall we? Planted them 2 months ago. Organic soil, peat, super easy to put together and the root systems grow upwards heated by the plastic container. cool. My sweety helped hang them in a different place in teh garden a month ago because the vine they were planted under blew up into a zillion green leaves and flowered into gorgeous dangling delicate purple flowers. Now out tof the shade they are fabulous.

We’ve eaten 2 dozen little plump fully red strawberries so far. The tomatoe plants.. i busted a huge stem off while bragging to said sweety about the progress. That said, they’ve both tripled and are flowering yellow now! Our June on the coast, was the westest / rainiest on record welcome to the hot July growing season! Stay tuned for harvest end of August, I’m guessing? So with zero effort and being super cheap I’m a fan of the upside down garden thingmes. Have you tried the As Seen on TV Topsy Turvy? Did it work for you?

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Make (grow) Something Every Day

Topsy turvy experiment


As seen on TV.. Oh boy! While picking up more self-hardening craft clay, I spotted the upside down plant growers for $2 bucks, at the dollar store the other day. I thought what the heck! I’ve got spare dirt @ home left over from my Easter banana tree & can get tomatoe seedlings cheap on island (our q-cove nursery is one of the only good businesses here). So that’s what I did today. Even tho I’ve been wearing flips for 2 weeks, I was lectured to keep them hung indoors for another couple of weeks. They will get hung outdoors in the deer proofed garden, shown in the background in 2nd plant photo. They were idiot proof to set up but SUPER heavy! I thought I filled them but after initial soaking, I need to fill them again later. Here’s day one photos of the experiment:



Make Something Every Day