Pass the apple cashew stuffing and more turkey, please!

Happy belated Gobble Gobble.

Here’s a quick blog entry to let you all know that my intentions to blog have been over come by the move into our new house, have guests 4 days later, have a guest for week and a half, go to Vancouver and back and a fabulous turkey day celebration! Not to mention a bit of unpacking and re-organizing life.. oh and buying a Smartcar! I guess that’s a few updates, non? Did I mention I’m pregnant?

Any who… here’s my handsome husband’s turkey this year. We hosted 9 in our new house and it was awesome.

My parents took an annual turkey photo throughout their marriage so we are as well. Thanks to our family and Kate for joining us and Corey for being a great chef

and thanks to my Dad who buys the annual largest bird he can find. xo.

Make Something Every Day

the screamin heebie jeebies & wild rose hips

Nothing brings newly weds together quite like both being sick at the same time. Neither of us have even been sick since we met (2.5 years ish ago) so this week was an extra special one. We are on day 4 of cold & flu ~he missed work for 3 days, I missed my 4 day weekend. But we are on the mend. Cabin fever has for sure set in, especially for our dog. It gives me a day on the couch under several variations of blanket, to update my 365 blogs! The record blog is getting a great response and I am loving all the music and research that goes with the posts. If you haven’t been over there it’s just for the records ~another 365 project BLOG click on this coloured link.

For today, here’s a running photography commentary of a few of the things I’ve been making this week:


rose hips / rose hip tea

These are the rose hips I picked at our place in the fall, dried out and made tea with last week. This week we drank jars of it for the Vit C!!

 the chick is annoying but there are great facts about rose hips in this video.

   We bottled wine & beer but have been too sick to really try either of them! I got my sweety grolsch style glass bottles with ceramic tops on Craigslist via a German brewery.

we bottled homebrew Pinot Grigos ~yum & my sweety's first crack at a honey ale with homepicked blackberries!


thai smoked salmon, pesto pinwheels



grew some cat-grass (xmas gift from dad) & Estevan went a bit psycho










xmas leftover turkey loaf for Amos dog


froze half ~used gravy, skin & giblet bits & a regular dogbone recipe









Make Something Every Day

jerk turkey

Jen’s famous Turkey Jerky appeared after 2 days of processing leftovers from our giant, delicious and generously donated (thanks Dad) Xmas turkey! I almost over dehydrated it again but the husband’s review suggests that I “aced” it. 

Make Something Every Day 

Snapper snowflakes… for dogs

That’s right.. another excuse to make dogbones for my dog…  Xmas party season.

Last Xmas my practice co-horts raved about the dogbones I baked and gave out at potlucks. So this year when asked, it was easy to oblige, as every day with our aged pup is a chance to spoil him. He was such a big helper standing over me in the kitchen for 2 hours! Here’s something that I learned that made my life much easier. The last time I made turkey dogbones (see previous blog entries) I froze three big balls of batter in ziplocs. I simply opened the wedding freezers and found 4 balls ~2 were the snapper  and 2 were turkey. I thawed, rolled, cookie cut & baked them up in no time. The snapper recipe was a little lack luster so I added peanut butter and garlic salt. Sounds gross but dogs love the ingredients.   

This year I went the silly extra step of putting them in little santa bags with bows. And yes, Amos taste tested each batch and got all the ends, saved in a jar on the counter (which already requires refilling).

Happy Christmas to the mutts that make us so happy all year. 

Make Something Every Day

We are a Hemnes Family. So shoot me.


(sigh, head tilted to side). I love my growing record collection. Today’s “make” was accessorized by a glass of Coppermoon cab sav & Xmas cheer! We got our Xmas tree today (no incriminating details will be shared of that adventure…) & cooked a Turkey, maple-butter style. We got an awesome amount of leftovers, dog treats & stock to freeze, from it.

20111204-211130.jpg Between basteings & hot tub dips, I… organized my record collection! I know, exciting right?
I’m gearing up for my new vinyl a day BLOG & needed to make some sense of order. Next step will be the tech department teaching me about USB vinyl uploading, how to post audio tracks on wordpress & choosing a new blog name & theme. I labelled sections, found covers for strays & loved up my Ikea shelf! We are a Hemnes Family. So shoot me. Lol.

Make Something Every Day

How to stuff a dog… With turkey

Sunny but stormy calls for indoor recess baking. What to make today? Turkey, carrot, roasted garlic dogbones. Yum! I froze all the would-be gravy and bits of skin and innards from our recent feast.

20111111-150027.jpg ingredients: turkey skin, giblets, turkey pieces (left after boiling bones for stock), fat, would-be gravy liquids~ food processed, carrots & roasted garlic & parsley ~ food processed, baking powder & soda, whole wheat flower, oats, farm eggs, love.



20111111-150700.jpg I made two baking sheets of cookies & froze them. Left a glass jar of them on the counter for current treats. I froze two ziplocs of dough balls for the baking at another date (or to make as Xmas presents). Then I…

20111111-150829.jpg made a turkey loaf for the dog. All the same ingredients, baked for an hour. It turned out amazing and the house smells delicious. The loaf is twice the size shown in photo. First impression from eager dog Amos? He almost bit my fingers off.
Make Something Every Day

Trick or treat

20111031-214339.jpg Yum! Pumpkin seeds were roasted then broiled tonight with butter and seasoning salt. As if we were hungry after a day of cooking Thanksgiving #2!? C & I whipped up a turkey, apple & cashew stuffing and mashed potatoes, between shifts of Maple leaf raking (uggggg) & bonfiring them.
We didn’t get a single trick or treater but we were prepared with candy, rented a horror movie, had a huge fire & set up our carvings at the end of the long rural drive way. Yeah us.


make something every day

adjustments have been made

Amos, Salal & Estevan .. trying to relax.

the kitchen

the bar ~ needs replenishing.. visitors always welcome.

the chef

A few teaser photos of the new pad at the retreat on Quadra Island. The pets and the humans are adjusting just fine. We had just a lovely turkey day with special guest ~ my dad! We are still full. More photos to come.

Make Something Every Day

Holy shed!



My strapping new husband had a vision when we moved into our new retreat this week. There was no garage / waterproof place to store scuba or camping or all other rubbermaids of gardening / camping gear that we have. He drew up a plan, went to home depot, bought the materials & a skil saw all for under 200 bucks and spent an entire day (happily), constructing this awesome gear shed. I got to be his little helper & hold screws & keep the beer flowing. Thanks to my sweety for his creative vision & the shed! Now go make us a turkey!
Make Something Every Day

Well supervised salmon


<a The making of Turkey day appies was well supervised in the new kitchen, by Salal & Estevan. Teriyaki smoked salmon, dill, parsley, cream cheese, spinach tortillas with a slice of pickled asparagus in the centre. Gobble.
Make Something Every Day

I just love saying “turkey Jerky”!

Spicy turkey jerky a success!

The turkey jerky was an awesome success, first try! After marinating in a ziploc, in the fridge for 8 hours, I put it on overnight. I then rushed to work with my eyes closed this morning and left it on too long.
A handsome local food critic describes the flavour by saying “It has a bit of a tangy heat. Very pleasing to the taste”. The spice recipe is below, as are before and afters.

not as good as Kate’s but okay ~ cornbread

Rocking the gluten-free diet, mostly. These were not bad. And it was the first time perhaps in my grown up life that I have used a muffin tray for it’s intended purpose. I’ve used them (no, not THIS one Corey) for paints, paper mache mixing, oysters on BBQ etc.. So this was a pleasant change. I prefer Kate’s home-made ones with the little happy corn bits in them, but these did nicely with our mounting supply of frozen home-made soups.  We need a full-size freezer stat. Turkey Veg on the woodstove, as I type this. The weather outside is TOTALLY made for soup & snuggles only.

Happy Gobble Gobble Johnny Cash Day!

Last night we had a WICKED first of the storm season storm! Though we didn’t lose power.. we did lose some patio furniture and the hot tub lid. Sad to report Corey – the jack o lanterns all got eaten when Glen mowed the lawn and didn’t put my fish netting back up. Growl. But I have recovered all missing furnishings.. less the Canadian flag. I woke to complete sunshine, not a whiffft of wind out there and the cry of the eagles. The eagles took off for salmon season but have returned to share in my winter beach combing pleasures. Though it’s so super high tide with 3x the driftwood, there is no beach to access until after coffee times*, anyway.

Today I am on a mission to hit up Walmart (save the applause or boo’ing) for packing / moving supplies ie. rubbermaids and packing tape. Currently, there seems to be a life milestone happening every two weeks.. and starting tomorrow.. we are moving! Just up the beach on Quadra..details and decor adventures to be blogged, not to worry it’s pretty awesome too. Same phone, same PO box, folks. But before I embark on that mission… I’m lucky to be adopted into Knudsen family Thanksgiving dinner in CR. gobble gobble.

Don’t forget to listen to some Johnny Cash this morning..and MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY.

the cruise "ferry" over to Campbell River

…to eat some gobble gobble and to play with THESE guys!

stock summer photo of the adorable team Knudsen.

Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?

Mistress Mary

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary 2 – Illustration by w:en:William Wallace Denslow

from the Project Gutenberg EBook of Denslow’s Mother Goose, by Anonymous

Original copyright 1902 by William Wallace Denslow

Well, I am making friends wth salad these days – I’m off all the “whites” = anything flour, wheat, sugar based. So garden salads at the end of the greenhouse season, it is! We had some lovely salads from the garden last week! Green and red peppers (first time I have ever grown these), lots of chives and parsley, swiss chard and previously lots of lettuce. The fall lettuce and kale hasn’t really taken as the weather has been rain and more rain, lately.

I plan on doing a longer post about the greenhouse and how it all went. I feel in some ways this blogging Make Something Every Day experience has been an online journal of sorts, from which I will look back next spring and decide what worked and didn’t before building a new greenhouse at the new house. Instead of having seperate garden and recipe etc journals, I’ll do it all here.  We are moving next week so I will document the garden process throughly at that time. Fingers crossed that the Jack-o-lantern patch that I planted for Corey and my Hubbard squash are ready by Halloween! C’mon SUN!

On a more creative front ~ I came home Thursday night to a surprise ish turkey Birthday dinner from my lovely fiance. He spoiled me as usual (he’s pretty niiice). After dinner I began the turkey soup process, which I really love every fall. Here’s the stock on the stove with Bay Leaves that I dried from the tree out front (I mailed some out to friends but my original batch molded- lesson learned) and dill stock from the greenhouse.

dill and bay leaves in turkey stock.