Let the celebrations begin!


Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating my birthday in our first mostly unpacked day in the retreat on Quadra!
My sweety has to work on this day of my birth so he took me for West Coast Salmon Eggs Benny brunch, yesterday. And then he gave me…

Tickets for us to see Gordon Lightfoot in Vancouver, November 20!!! Awesome! I’m celebrating today with my dad, who we just moved to Vancouver Island in the last 2 weeks. Him & Abby will be adventuring over on the ferry to play for the first time. So much to be grateful for! I MAY even start unpacking … Drum roll please … The craft room!
Make Something Every Day

I like to Move it Move it.. We like ta.. Move it.


We are getting pretty good at driving uhauls. I’ll check back into blog world from my new craft room in a few days! Above is the retreat we are moving into & below it are some big Helpers ~Amos & Salal. I like to move it!!!
Make Something Every Day