The Joys of Pregnancy Hair


& Happy October everyone! 

Well, it’s no secret that I am 4 months pregnant! woot woot! Month three rocked (& a bit of writing about the first trimester is yet to come). But the changes that have come with month four include some mega affects on my  hair. I swear by the pricey and totally worth it CHI conditioning treatment that my stylish gucci-loving stylist performs quaterly… but you can’t use harsh chemicals when you are knocked up. I envision myself as even more organic while pregnant ~so am open to trying new things. Fast forward to home problem solving some seriously knotted, half fuzzed out, half straight, dried out red, hair. I googled and yahoo’d my way through some hilarious home kitchen remedy hair conditioners, one hormonal weekend night.

So… I gave the ol avocado and mayo treatment a whirl. See photo above for ingredients. It’s  a fairly straight forward process of mix em all together and lather on. I lathered from root to tip and put a plastic bag over my head for an hour. My husband was agasp and as usual, humoured  my creativity. After an hour I rinsed the messy, stinky, clumpy bits of greeen out in the tub. Then shampoo’d. Results? Nothing really, meh. My hair was soft but smelled like breakfast foods. Save your mayo for the sandwiches you’ll want in months 4-6 ladies. And please don’t tell my stylist I tried this at home!

The positive to this omelette hair DIY? I discovered LUSH in Vancouver a few months ago. During the holy shit I smell even after showering hormonal body odour stage. They saved me and my marriage with their sold deo. I  have a new love for my pits now. So.. I looked online, on another night of low hair self esteem. I splurged with my Sin-tax monies. They have a Therapy (lol) massage bar for growing bellies that might just take me out of the running for developing stretch marks (fingers crossed). So I ordered two bars.

I also ordered a hair conditionng treatment black pot, I think called Jazmin & Henna Hair Fluff Eaze? I placed my order online, paid $6 for UPS delivery and it was on my doorstep when I got home.. TWO DAYS LATER! YEAH LUSH. Now to try it this weekend. I’ll keep you posted. click here for the LUSH website for ordering

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone?

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly uses the phrase “the mean reds” to describe her generalised anxiety:

Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds?
Paul Varjak: The mean reds. You mean like the blues?
Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you’re getting fat, and maybe it’s been raining too long. You’re just sad, that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid, and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?

I’ve been off the blog (& got back logged on my record a day blog) because we’ve been off line ~cruising around this wonderful province. The heat is here and we’ve got to get out while it lasts. Thats was one wet and long winter and spring, heh? Here’s a few snaps I took in Vancouver a couple weekends ago, while out playing. We saw Wimbledon Finals on the huge screen in 3D (thrilling and an new annual event for sure! federer is #1 again. All is well in the world), saw Spider-man in 3D (save your money ~it was medium at best), ate out,  ordered in (until you live remotely you never know how thrilling Thai food delivered to your door at odd hours is), shopped on Robson, slept like a king and queen in my in-laws incredible condo, had a Lee Vally and an Ikea visit (duh) and other fun stuff too. I love Vancouver. And I love my husband. All photos taken on my iphone, most while hanging out the car window. Some are from the Vancouver China Town summer night market. Can you spot my handsome husband in one of these photos?


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Wes Anderson delivers again

Movie review! We don’t have a theatre on the island where we currently reside. So when we get off island / on mini vaca’s we take in flicks. When in Vancouver recently, we went to the movies two nights in a row. The Avengers in 3D & some forgettable Johnny Depp is a vampire this week ~movie. But tonight!? Tonight we saw a whimsical movie after my own heart. The very creative, colorful & odd Wes Anderson movie ~Moonrise Kingdom. 4.5 stars (out 5). The cast, staging, soundtrack, geography, and set up of the movie were glorious. This movie has craftsmanship. For whatever that’s worth. It ended and I had ~that head tilted to side ~ thing happening. I wanted to see it again as soon as possible. Lovely.

If you loved The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Darjeeling, The L:ife Aquatic and The Royal Tennenbams you are in good company with Moonrise Kingdom. Just the right amount of French Music combined with just enough saturated down colours equal a delicious piece of fun. The plot could have been deeper but it really was an essential must see movie. He really loves the dioramas. This video is Bill Murray giving a set tour. So Bill. 

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Cruise Ship to work

This takes us calling the small ferry to the big island (on our daily commutes to work) “the cruise”  to a hole new level. This was taken from my iphone, in my car on the wee ferry headed back to Quadra. Usually they are doing the Vancouver to Alaska trip. This isn’t even close to the biggest cruise ships that come through here in the tourist season. Cool, though, heh?

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Recurring Ikea dreams


Here I am once again. Am I dreaming!? Non. I’m standing in front of the newest Ikea in north America, in Richmond, BC. 6 mins from the Van airport. They constructed a brand new one on the lot of the old one – which was half demolished and looked more like an Ikea terrible anxiety nightmare I might have had.

I have a mitt full of recurring dreams. A fav is the “I think I live in a city big enough that there’s an ikea but small enough that I can walk there when I’m upset” dream. It’s true. I have someone walking with me & I eventually let them know I’m going, they can join me, a magical blue oversized plastic ikea shopping bag appears on my arm and off I go. I see the outside of the simply gorgeous blue building but never go in. I just know it’s there. And there’s bushes all around it.

We are a shameless Hemnes family. I won’t dress each room in my eventual dream home page by page but you’re lying if you don’t admit the green mammot furniture doesn’t make your ovaries burn. Or is that just me, seriously? Lol.

End of April, the new Richmond store opened and is massive. It didn’t serve alcohol & there was no pet section. Otherwise same ‘ol. I’ll stick to the one near my in laws in new Westminster, thank-you. And yes, even with an suv full of camping stuff from 4 days of wilderness, we managed to squeeze in a few tea lights & other small retail therapy items. My husband and my recurring dreams rock.

Ps. I swear our thing a day for 30 days in May purge x 2 post ~will be awesome when I get home Sunday! 3 more days in Van & I’m hoping to thrift, get more vintage records for my record blog, score cheap art supplies/ craft inspirations.
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Back to jewelry basics



I’ve been lacking in posts due to a couple weeks of chaos- illnesses then power & water outages & work is busiest this time of year (which I discussed more on my records blog). The new blog has been a real creative commitment and is starting to feel good!
I’m typing this post from Vancouver in a quick anniversary weekend get away! Before I left I threw together the above jewelry with beads gathered from a going out of business craft store on Quadra (not a shocker but a few good scores for me). Silver hoops with recycled found beach glass beads i got when in Hawaii. A cool ant in resin pendant that i added a jump ring to & it’s ready to wear. The hope is to dive into resin work in Feb! (thing a day www. for 30 days of Feb details to come). Is the other an agate? Oriental gemstone pendent I added beads from Thailand to (thanks Barb & Terry).
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fish heads, croquettes & a mounted salmon

The pets & I spent a lovely, stormy but warm-by-the-woodstove kind of day yesterday ~with my dad in our Quadra kitchen!  We laboured for many hours and created 5 dozen deep fried Greek Christmas ling cod & snapper Croquettes! YUM! He had put a sticky note in the bottom of a returned, clean pyrex with his mailing address for refills. Dad arrived with Xmas cheer and the rest of the ingredients. We mastered the recipe yet again! See my BLOG OCT. 22, 2011 ~ for complete photos & how to make. Thanks Dad & Abby for a lovely day.  This being a very FISHMAS week for him… what with being Xmas Mounted Salmon punked, see BLOG entry this week for more festive details.

My creative photography share today is also about our stinky friends. This time from Chinatown, Vancouver.

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Foo’s Ho Ho & the East Side Cultural Crawl

I thought I’d share some recent art & food inspirations from our recent tourist mini-vaca to Vancouver. The annual Vancouver east side art crawl 2011 was on and we happened by a venue during our Chinatown afternoon.  click here for What is the cultural crawl?  You may have a BLOG post by me 2 months ago when I got my first wood burner. I’ve had a couple unsuccessful projects ie. pumpkins ~so I was awe-struck when at the top of the giant stairwell, in ghetto parts of chinatown, we saw this guy’s studio and show. Bradley Messer is his name and here’s 2 pieces of work. click here for Bradley’s website & a video of his wood process



Foo’s ho ho. The oldest restaurant in Vancouver. My review? A  fleet of hilarious kind-but-curt characters make up the staff. 80’s classic chinese decor with duct tape holding the brown air conditioner onto the wall. We ordered the famous stuffed chicken which was too huge for 2 and too greasey to eat more than a plate of (but super fun). click here for restaurant website     

I took these photos the same day. The bottom one is one of my husband’s father’s fav buildings in Vancouver. Short version of the story: Way back when, after the swampland in Van was sold to a bunch of Chinese people, it was eventually bought back. A fellow ended up with a Lot that was only 6 feet deep and I think 50 feet long. That’s 6 feet from the curb. He built this building, which has taken many forms over the years. If you look closely, you can see how thin it is. Currently, it’s an insurance agency. Look at the scale of the sandwich board out front to the width of the building. cool.  I snapped the photo as we were driving home, thinking about my father-in-laws passion for architecture.




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Chinese tea ceremony

This is our new Chinese tea set from the Tea ceremony @ treasure green tea company on Georgia street.   click here for the tea company website & tea ceremony education.  As tourists last weekend, we were poured tea by Julie Kwan (totally name dropping here), a film director & her entourage. click here for Julie Kwan’s imbd.   Then we spent an hour with the owner, whom they are including as part of a documentary on the changing face of Chinatown, Vancouver. The hilarious, young owner is the 3rd generation owner of this incredible, stylish tea shop. We got some education and good tea that day. So today… We MAKE Chinese tea, back at home in the rainforest of Quadra

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Let the celebrations begin!


Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating my birthday in our first mostly unpacked day in the retreat on Quadra!
My sweety has to work on this day of my birth so he took me for West Coast Salmon Eggs Benny brunch, yesterday. And then he gave me…

Tickets for us to see Gordon Lightfoot in Vancouver, November 20!!! Awesome! I’m celebrating today with my dad, who we just moved to Vancouver Island in the last 2 weeks. Him & Abby will be adventuring over on the ferry to play for the first time. So much to be grateful for! I MAY even start unpacking … Drum roll please … The craft room!
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Filberg Top Five




I couldn’t figure out how to seperate these photos after dopwnloading them so we explore #4 & #5 together. lol.

Filberg Top Five #4: Talia designs. By FARRR the best designer clothing I saw at the festival. My sister in law got a few GREAT scores from this womyn. Apparently she is a huge hit every year. From Vancouver, she designs unique, funky, practical, wearable art. Check out her website. Her mix n match fabrics have a real feminist appeal. Here’s a couple from her website to give you an idea ~ 




Filberg Top Five #5: EarthElf Upcycled clothing. Some VERY fun clothes & an adorable website. Vancouver Island based designer “Handcrafted upcycled textiles for your inner Elf”. Yeah Upcycling! We saw it a lot this year at the festival and this designer did a really colourful thoughtful job of it. I wish I was 12. I would have rocked ALL of her stuff. Please see her website for clothing ideas.  

Hope you enjoyed my Filberg Festival Top Five Picks and don’t forget to Make Something Every Day.